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Molly E. Mitchell

Molly E. Mitchell

PO Box 9100

Seattle, WA 98109

(206) 683-1879

Education: Bachelors of Arts in Government & International Relations, Clark University; Masters in Education, Antioch University
Occupation: Director of Student Support Programs at Seattle Central College

I’m running for the Seattle School Board to ensure that every student has a pathway to success. Our schools can do more to serve the needs of diverse students and families in our city. In my 20-year career in education the core of my work has been centering equity and social justice. I will continue to advocate for marginalized groups and work to center student achievement.  Evidence of my commitment to equity is in receiving the WA statewide “Equity Award” for Community and Technical Colleges.

As the Director of Student Support Programs at Seattle Central College, I am focused on serving students with the highest barriers to completion and students furthest from justice throughout their entire education, including their lived experiences outside the classroom. I also organize to expand educational opportunities inside WA state prisons as a way to reduce recidivism.

We have a responsibility to ensure that Seattle Public Schools meet the needs of every student to address the opportunity gap.  We must ensure that we are encouraging and challenging students at all levels of achievement.

For all students to succeed, we must create learning environments that are safe, welcoming, and inclusive for all. When every student is included and engaged in their learning environment, all students benefit.

As a mom and a community organizer, I believe solutions are most effective when they engage all stakeholders and are accountable to the community. The School Board must better collaborate with families, community organizations, and local agencies to generate policies that support every students’ educational success. I pledge to represent your voice and to work for high-quality education for all Seattle’s students.

Leslie S. Harris

Leslie S. Harris

2518 South Brandon Court

Seattle, WA 98108

(206) 579-2842

Education: Attended Wstern Washington University & University of Washington
Occupation: Litigation Paralegal for victims and workers and SPS Board Director

After being elected to the Seattle School Board in 2015, I remain committed to Transparency, Trust, and Equity. It has been an honor and privilege to serve. I ask for your vote for re-election.


I serve as President, second term, and 4 years on the Executive Committee. This Board and staff worked collaboratively to make dollars go farther with more impact. The McCleary decision did not fully fund our public schools – we must fully fund programs, especially Special Education. The 2019 Levies emphasized equity and backlogged maintenance. I led the hiring of a new Superintendent and for SPS and the City signing an MOU in 2017 to work together for our children. Both difficult processes demonstrate leadership. Our new Strategic Plan focuses on high needs students and improving operations. Education should not depend on zip code or PTSA/PTO generosity. We increased family and community engagement, transparency, and emphasis and training on race and equity, ethnic studies and student voice.


I hold regular community meetings and seek input from all. Prior service on local, state, and national boards and 35 years working as a litigation paralegal demonstrates my collaborative abilities for policymaking and upholding fiduciary duty.


Endorsed by The King County Young Democrats, State Senator Joe Nguyen, King County Council members Larry Gossett & Joe McDermott, SPS Directors Rick Burke, Eden Mack, Scott Pinkham, & Zachary DeWolf, Former Board Presidents Sue Peters, Betty Patu, Kay Smith Blum & Michael DeBell, Summer Stinson, WA Paramount Duty Board member, Titles for ID purposes only. See website for additional endorsements.

Crystal S. Liston

Crystal S. Liston

2211 45th Ave SW

Seattle, WA 98116

Education: Bachelor of Arts and Science, University of Washington
Occupation: Seattle School District Parent, Professional Volunteer

As of the 2018-2019 school year I have volunteered in twenty of our one hundred and thirteen schools and will continue until I have volunteered in all of them.  I do not believe this has ever been done before and I feel that by making the time/effort I am modeling what community can look like. It is important to me to step into and contribute to our schools as I question how a board member can govern a body of people they know nothing about. 


As a volunteer I have witnessed a disconnection between schools, parents, the administration and the Seattle community as a whole.  I will lead a paradigm shift where schools communicate with each other.  Where schools/communities in the north participate with schools/communities in the south.  I believe it is entirely possible, with a shift in awareness, for Seattleite's to see not just their own children as mattering but all of Seattle's children/students as mattering.  


It is also important to me, as a parent in our district, to support our students, faculty and staff by supplying schools with social workers.  Our schools currently lack professional support for students experiencing trauma and a faculty who needs support from their administration


As a School Board Member, I will continue my devotion to volunteering in all schools and communicating to the Seattle Community as a whole what I am learning, where your tax dollars are going (our values are in our budget), what each individual schools needs are and how you can contribute.       

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