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Kelly Charlton

Kelly Charlton

1919 Queen Anne Ave N, Apt 310

Seattle, WA 98109

(206) 920-6764

Education: University of Washington, Project Management; Harvard University, CSS, Business Administration; University of Texas, BA, English
Occupation: Consultant

The Port of Seattle is one of the most important ports in the United States and one of the most important economic engines of our local economy.  Let's work together so the success of our port lifts all boats.


I would appreciate your vote.


Key strategies for the Port of Seattle:  Position the Puget Sound region as a premier international logistics hub;  Advance this region as a leading tourism destination and business gateway;  Use the Port’s influence as an institution to promote women and minority business enterprise (WMBE) growth, small business growth, and workforce development;  Be the greenest, and most energy efficient port in North America;  Strengthen access to global markets and supply chains for Northwest businesses;  Make Washington a preferred destination for international travelers from countries with which we have direct flights;  Establish an educational consortium to serve the needs of the maritime industry for workforce development, applied research, and business growth;  Foster a coordinated effort among Puget Sound ports in support of Washington state’s pursuit of a healthier Puget Sound;  Continue to be a high performance organization focused on operational excellence, organizational alignment, and a people-centric culture.

Preeti Shridhar

Preeti Shridhar

P.O. Box 20792

Seattle, WA 98102

(206) 452-6008

Education: MBA, Finance & Marketing; Bachelor’s, Business Administration; Bachelor’s, Economics; Graduate Degree, International Trade
Occupation: Deputy Public Affairs Administrator, City of Renton

Growing up, I dreamed of a place where I could serve the public and give back to my community. With a suitcase and a scholarship I came to the U.S., arriving in King County 27 years ago. I moved to Woodinville and devoted myself to improving our region’s quality of life, working for the cities of Seattle and Renton. I will continue that tradition of service as a Port Commissioner.

I will ensure that our region stays competitive and everyone shares in our economic prosperity. A rising tide must lift all boats, so I’ve worked hard to train and retrain workers, as well as to ensure fair wages and working conditions.

The Port must protect our environment by powering every flight from Sea-Tac Airport with biofuel to cut carbon emissions in half. I’ve launched innovative environmental programs, including Seattle’s Climate Protection Initiative, water conservation and recycling programs. I worked with former Vice President Al Gore to launch his movement to stop climate change, won an Emmy for promoting water conservation, and received awards from the US Conference of Mayors and the National League of Cities for inclusion and equity!

I will take this experience to the Port and make it more answerable to the people of King County. I plan to reduce noise and other impacts to our airport and seaport communities. The Port must respect the taxpayers! I would be honored by your vote.

Endorsements: Puget Sound Pilots; 36th, 46th, and 48th District Democrats; Senators Manka Dhingra, Patty Kuderer, Lisa Wellman, and Mona Das; Representatives Vandana Slatter, Steve Bergquist, My Linh-Thai, and Gael Tarleton; the Mayors of Renton, Auburn, and Kent; Bellevue Councilmember John Stokes; Redmond Councilmembers Angela Birney and Tanika Padhye; Kent Councilmember Satwinder Kaur; Former Rep. Marcie Maxwell (Renton); Michael Christ, President/CEO, SECO Development.

Dominic Barrera

Dominic Barrera

PO Box 9100

Seattle, WA 98109

(206) 235-5344

Education: Bachelor of Arts in History, University of Washington
Occupation: Operations Agent, Alaska Airlines; Commissioner, North Highline Fire; Director, PlantAmnesty

As a lifelong South King County resident and longtime airport operations worker, I’m running to bring a voice to Port-area residents and the local labor community, both of which the Port Commission has long lacked. I also serve as an IAMAW union shop steward and Executive Director of an environmental nonprofit. I will balance the needs of business with our obligation to protect the environment and build a more sustainable economy.


Sea-Tac Airport (the Port of Seattle’s largest enterprise) has grown by 45% since 2012 when I began working in the operation. Meanwhile, infrastructure, technology, and processes are struggling to keep up, negatively impacting travelers and workers alike. We need a Commissioner with a deep understanding of operational realities to guide long-term planning, creatively mitigate the impacts of development, and address the unsustainable and unsafe working conditions faced by many frontline workers. At all Port facilities, I will boost investment in infrastructure that cuts fossil fuel pollution, relieves traffic, and improves freight mobility, and will push to research and incentivize the use of new technologies and best practices.


As a Fire Commissioner, I have helped restore financial stability and public trust to the North Highline Fire District after mismanagement by previous leadership. I have passed state legislation, balanced tight budgets, improved working conditions and operating efficiency in my district, and proven myself an effective and accountable elected leader.


I will be the progressive voice on the Port Commission, pushing the Port of Seattle to be a hub for good, safe jobs; a global leader in environmental stewardship and innovation; and a good neighbor, investing in local communities and ending human trafficking.


I am endorsed by a strong coalition of local Democratic organizations, labor unions, environmental groups, community leaders, and elected officials (visit for a full list of endorsements).

Sam Cho

Sam Cho

9805 NE 116th Street #7497

Kirkland, WA 98034

(425) 780-7776

Education: M.Sc. International Political Economy, London School of Economics; B.A. International Studies, American University
Occupation: President, Seven Seas Export; Former Special Assistant, Obama White House

As the proud son of immigrants who came to this country through the Port of Seattle, I’m running because I want a Port that works for the people. The congestion going into SeaTac Airport and long lines at security aren’t working for the people.


My priorities are to promote equitable economic growth, aggressively tackle climate change, bring transparency and accountability to the port, and stop human and labor trafficking. As the port expands, we must account for the concerns of neighboring residents, lower carbon emissions, and transition to sustainable sources of energy.


My experience making government work for the people includes serving President Obama as a political appointee at the US General Services Administration and working as a Legislative Assistant in both the United States Congress and Washington State Legislature. My time with President Obama has taught me that good policies require great execution. As Port Commissioner, I will use my experience to execute and ensure the tides of a growing economy provides opportunity for everyone. Today, I’m a small business owner in trade and exports working directly with the Port. At a time when our region’s economy is threatened by Donald Trump’s trade wars, it's more important than ever to have a strong advocate for Washington goods and exports.


As your Port Commissioner, I will combine my experience in government and business to fight for living wages, expanded paid leave, create more opportunities for women and minority-owned small businesses, and protect the rights of port workers. I’m asking for your vote so we can make the Port work for the people of King County.


Endorsed by the King County Young Democrats, the 11th, 37th, 46th District Democrats and several state legislators across the county including Senator Joe Nguyen, Senator Bob Hasegawa, Rep Sharon Tomiko Santos, and Rep Cindy Ryu.

Nina Martinez

Nina Martinez

PO Box 30936

Seattle, WA 98113

Education: Studied Business and Commerce at Sam Houston State University
Occupation: Owner of Independent Technology, Industry, and Business Consulting firm

I ask for your vote so we can create the jobs of the future, reverse the damage caused by pollution, and keep the Port on budget while boosting our economy.


The Port has a responsibility to be a leader in developing policies that promote both economic and environmental sustainability. We must create partnerships to develop cleaner jet fuels and promote electrification. We must prioritize cleaning the Duwamish River to protect fish, wildlife, and human health.


The Port must remain a leader in providing living wages, which is why I will only agree to contracts with companies that agree to pay prevailing wages and honor regional standards. We must increase apprenticeship and internship programs. We must recruit women and historically underrepresented populations until our workforce reflects the diversity of our county.


We must do more to improve outreach and do a better job listening to affected cities and communities. Success stems from the result of respectful collaboration with workers, local businesses, community stakeholders, and elected officials. I am dedicated to inclusion and building community partnerships that are built on honesty and effective communication.


I am a leader. For decades, I have led the discussion on diversity, social justice, and civil rights. As the board chair of the Latino Civic Alliance, I’ve brought together thousands of stakeholders to enact change. Governor Inslee appointed me to the Farm Work Group to serve the laborers of Washington. As a seasoned business executive, I have over 15 years in software and tech business development working with C level executives in finance & banking, transportation, manufacturing,  healthcare, and government agencies.


My endorsements include Burien Mayor Jimmy Matta, Representatives Javier Valdez and Lillian Ortiz-Self, former Representatives Phyllis Gutiérrez Kenney, Brady Walkinshaw, and Velma Veloria, and Shoreline city council members Betsy Robertson and Chris Roberts .

Grant Degginger

Grant Degginger

119 1st Ave. S. Ste. 320

Seattle, WA 98104

(206) 682-7328

Education: Mercer Island High School; B.A. University of Washington; J.D. Seattle University
Occupation: Attorney; past Chair WA Public Disclosure Commission; former Bellevue Mayor

I am committed to making the Port of Seattle a transparent and innovative partner, delivering the infrastructure, living wage jobs, and environmental sustainability our economy and communities need and deserve. During my twelve years as Bellevue Mayor and councilmember, I helped deliver light rail to the Eastside, the new 520 bridge with increased transit service and bike access, fought for water quality, and needed affordable housing. I work hard to bring people together around shared values to create lasting, positive change.


Responsible, Sustainable Growth: As a fifth-generation Seattle area resident, I know that while Sea-Tac and the marine terminals have been essential to regional growth, future growth must be carefully planned and delivered, and meet or exceed targets for carbon reduction and Puget Sound protection. This means continued investment in cleaner fuels, conversion of port vehicles and truck fleets, and other reforms.


Support People and Communities: The lines at the airport are too long. The airport must be a better neighbor, expand opportunities for family wage jobs, and ensure equity in contracting to create opportunities for minority, LGBTQ, and women-owned businesses. As the “front door” to our region, our port facilities must be welcoming places for all who visit, work, or come seeking a better life.


Transparent and Accountable to You: As past chair of the Washington Public Disclosure Commission I will advocate for open, transparent, and accountable Port operations. The Port will be spending billions on capital projects in the coming decade. I believe the people of King County deserve a meaningful chance to participate in planning the Port’s future.


Proudly Endorsed by: Former Seattle Mayor Tim Burgess, Democratic legislators Jamie Peterson, Eric Pettigrew, Larry Springer; County Councilmembers Claudia Balducci, Pete Von Reichbauer; Mayors of Bellevue, Kirkland, Redmond, Snoqualmie; 41st District Democrats, and more!

Ali Scego

Ali Scego

P.O. Box 69814

SeaTac, WA 98168

(206) 307-4413

Education: BS in Economics & BS in Agro/Econ, University of Maryland
Occupation: Manager of Employment and Adult Education at Neighborhood House

I’m running for Port of Seattle because I believe in the thousands of workers that have built this strong economic engine. I believe every port and contract workers can achieve a better life if we have a just system that gives working families a living wage.


I also think of our future and know we need to adapt an agile workforce model. A model that will help the Port of Seattle think differently about how contract workers are engaged and can be upskilled to reduce workforce talent gaps. We need local highly skilled small business as venders to keep the dollars in our local economy.


As a family man and father, I want the next generation to enjoy our mountains and the Sound. We need to build strong partnerships with the goal of eliminating toxic pollutants, reducing noise levels, increasing green spaces with the protection of old growth trees.


It has been my privilege to lead a life of public service as a visionary WorkForce leader with over twenty years of progressive experience in bringing together diverse partners to deliver results. As a long-time resident of King County, I’ve developed enduring relationships with grassroots organizations, government, educational institutions, small business, and nonprofits. I have the skills, experience, and network to bring partners together to build a better Port.


From my early days in Welfare to Work to my time with the Community College system and now at a nonprofit – my goal has remained singular – to alleviate chronic poverty in the community that I work and live in.


As your Port Commissioner, I pledge to put working families first and build a talent pipeline and workforce housing. I humbly thank you for your vote. Endorsements: Rep. Sullivan, Rep. Pettigrew, LD 48 and 37 for more see our website.

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