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King County Elections
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King County Local Voters' Pamphlet

November 3, 2015 General And Special Election

School, Seattle School District No. 1 
Director District No. 3

Jill Geary

Jill Geary

Education: BA, UC Berkeley; JD, Seattle University School of Law
Occupation: Former Administrative Law Judge; Education Attorney; Regional Presenter Education Law


The status quo isn’t acceptable for our kids and families. It is time to take the District in a positive new direction and ensure every child has a meaningful and challenging education in our district regardless of economics, neighborhood, race, language or ability. I’ll work collaboratively with my fellow Directors to give voice to our families and bring support to our classroom teachers, so as a team we can meet the challenge of providing a world class education and preparing our children for future education and employment.


As the mother of five Seattle Public Schools students, my kids have benefitted from some of the best our District has to offer. While I have actively supported many schools, my commitment to education began when I had the privilege to work as an administrative law judge, holding hearings for the Superintendent of Public Instruction, including teacher certification and discipline, and special education due process hearings.  As a judge, I developed a passionate belief that every child deserves a great public education.


Our district faces many important issues: funding basic education; decreasing class sizes, overcrowding and capacity, equity in education, inclusion, closing the school to prison pipeline, and balancing accountability and assessment.  Strong local school boards working collaboratively bring positive results for students. In all the years I have been a parent attorney, I have always been able to reach fair agreements benefitting students and districts.   If elected School Director, I will bring my analytical and negotiation skills to the Board with the goal of working together for the best outcomes for Seattle’s students and families. 


Endorsements: Seattle School Board Directors Peters & Patu, The Stranger, King County Democrats, King County Labor Council, King County Young Democrats, 32nd & 46th District Democrats, Metropolitan Democratic Club, Rep. Jessyn Farrell, Councilmembers Dembowski, O’Brien & Harrell.

For more information:

PO BOX 2389
(206) 661-3774


Lauren McGuire

Lauren McGuire

Education: Master’s, Communication, Northwestern University; B.A., History and Mathematical Methods in the Social Sciences, Northwestern University
Occupation: Former Management Consultant helping organizations improve structures, staffing, and efficiency


As Seattle Council PTSA President, I proudly advocated citywide for the success of EVERY Seattle child. We are a district of great schools, outstanding teachers and amazing kids, yet unacceptable opportunity gaps for low income and children of color threaten the promise that should come with a quality education.


I want to serve on the Seattle School Board to continue fighting for the success of our kids. I’m an award-winning education advocate with a track record helping Seattle Schools with school overcrowding, special education, and other high profile issues. I’ve worked professionally as a management and communications consultant—skills we need on our Board.


Like many parents, I got involved when my kids entered school. Since 2008, I’ve been a leader in PTSAs at the elementary and middle school levels. I understand individual school challenges, and how they fit with citywide priorities.


District Growth. Seattle Public Schools is adding 1,000 students a year. We need safe, modern schools to meet the needs of all students, including the technology and services needed for students receiving special education services, English language learners, and kids facing economic hardship.


Testing Reform and State Funding: It’s time we hold the State accountable for the twin crises of inadequate funding and inconsistent, often inappropriate high stakes testing. With so many Seattle high school students opting out of tests, and our schools lacking the resources to meet the needs of a growing, diverse student body, it’s time for the Board to unite and demand changes in Olympia. 


Governance. The Board should provide guidance and oversight to assure district accountability and progress—not micromanaging, or hands-off cheerleading. I’ll help strike that balance.


ENDORSED: Seattle Times; FUSE; 46th Democrats; School Board Directors Sherry Carr, Sharon Peaslee, Harium Martin-Morris; State Representatives Pollet and Walkinshaw; parents and education leaders citywide.

For more information:

P.O. BOX 20084
(206) 418-6702