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King County Local Voters' Pamphlet

November 3, 2015 General And Special Election

School, Seattle School District No. 1 
Director District No. 2

Laura Obara Gramer

Laura Obara Gramer

Education: Bachelor of Science in Occupational Therapy, University of Illinois at Chicago, 1996
Occupation: stay-at-home parent, occupational therapist, Washington chapter Hands and Voices- secretary


I have a stake in Seattle Public Schools (SPS) because my children are entering the school system. My husband, Brendan, and I have two deaf children, a preschooler and a toddler. I care about school issues and regularly attend board meetings. I have worked as an occupational therapist for 15 years. I have sat on various boards and commissions such as Seattle Commission for People with Disabilities.


-When my oldest son entered the school system, I saw a crucial need to improve the deaf and hard of hearing program (DHH).  I helped bring people together to address the DHH program. The program is starting to transform; SPS hired a new supervisor, and is in the process of changing programming.


-We need to fix the education gap for students with disabilities and students of color.


-In providing capacity through mega schools, the district must not trade away the children’s playgrounds. (Thornton Creek, Wilson Pacific, and Loyal Heights.)


-Our children need more time for lunch and recess. Recess brings better focus and attention in class because children are able to “recharge.” Recess helps balance physical and sedentary activities, and children need space to move.


Elizabeth Tsukimura, parent, says, “Her leadership is proven; Laura’s involvement with the school board and SPS over the past year has brought about positive changes in the SPS special education department. She will work hard on behalf of our students and will insist that SPS continue to raise the bar to provide excellent educational experiences for all of our students.”


Jill Bargones, parent, says,  “Laura is a strong and vibrant advocate who champions family-community-school district communication.  She brings the voices of community and the school district together to make real change happen.”


Join these parents and others in voting for Laura Obara Gramer!

For more information:

1820 N 90TH ST
(206) 452-2089


Rick Burke

Rick Burke

Education: BS Engineering, University of Washington
Occupation: President and Engineering Manager, Thermetrics, LLC


As your School Board Director, I will keep student learning our highest priority by focusing on classroom-based tools and strategies with proven track records, and limiting excessive high-stakes testing.


I have over 20 years of firsthand experience with the district.  Born and raised in Seattle, I attended Seattle Public Schools, which provided me with the skills to follow my dream of becoming an engineer.  Now, as a parent of three SPS students and husband of a teacher, I’d like to give back to the community and help all of our diverse 53,000 students reach their potential.


As a high-tech small business manager, I set strategic targets, negotiate with clients, develop and enforce company policies, and oversee HR and financial functions.  I’ll bring this discipline, an analytical approach, and quality commitment to the school board.


I co-founded the Seattle Math Coalition, served as executive chair of Where's The Math? and as PTA co-president of my children’s school. I served on the Washington State Board of Education Math Panel to craft learning standards and evaluate instructional materials.  I’ve consistently listened and collaborated with parents, teachers, principals, administrators, and superintendents to identify problems and solutions.


My priorities include:  Direct any new funding directly into classrooms / Replace the inadequate middle school math textbooks / Implement a sensible assessment policy / Establish transparent, long-term capacity planning / Transform district culture to deliver more responsive customer service to families / Revitalize vocational-technical education opportunities like shop classes.


I’m honored to receive sole endorsements of the 36th, 43rd, and 46th District Democrats, King County Democrats, King County Young Dems, MLK County Labor Council, Metropolitan Democratic Club, IUOE Local 609, current Seattle Board Directors Marty McLaren, Sharon Peaslee, Betty Patu, Sue Peters, and past Board President Kay Smith-Blum.


I hope to earn your vote.

For more information:

PO BOX 70268
(206) 783-7644