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King County Elections
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King County Local Voters' Pamphlet

November 3, 2015 General And Special Election

City, City of Seattle 
Council District No. 3

Kshama Sawant

Kshama Sawant

Education: Section not used by City of Seattle candidates
Occupation: Section not used by City of Seattle candidates


Like so many of you, I want to live in a city based on social justice. A city free of discrimination and poverty, with racial and gender equality, where all people can work and live in dignity.


But in reality, our city is becoming increasingly unequal and unaffordable.


Since my election in 2013, I have helped lead the opposition to the corporate agenda in Seattle.


Working together with labor and progressive movements, I'm proud of what we have accomplished, including:

  • Passed a $15/hour minimum wage - delivering on my campaign promise within five months of taking office
  • Alongside tenants and community activists, we defeated 400% rent hikes at Seattle Housing Authority
  • Won millions of dollars in additional social services funding
  • Passed funding to enable a year-round womens’ shelter
  • Working together with Councilmember O'Brien, led the way in opposing the anti-worker, anti-environment Trans-Pacific Partnership 

In the words of Councilmember Nick Licata, “Without a doubt, Kshama has moved the council in a new direction, more progressive ... Kshama has made things happen that never would have happened before.”


Moving forward as your council member, I am committed to:

  • Tackling head-on the crisis of skyrocketing rents by making big developers pay to fund affordable housing; ending economic evictions by passing rent control; strengthening tenants’ rights; and building thousands of high-quality, city-owned, affordable apartments rented at below-market rates
  • Massively expanding public transit
  • Taxing the rich to fully fund our social services
  • Implementing municipal broadband 

As a representative of working people, I do not take a penny in corporate cash. While Seattle City Councilmembers are paid $120,000/year, I only take the average worker’s wage and donate the rest to social justice movements.


I am proud to be endorsed by King County Councilmember Larry Gossett, State Senator Pramila Jayapal, former Mayor Mike McGinn, and over 30 community organizations and unions, including Sierra Club, The Stranger, Democracy for America, Transit Riders Union, UFCW 21, SEIU 775, 1199, 925 and 6, Teamsters 117, 174 and 763, Socialist Alternative, National Women's Political Caucus of WA, and many more.


For too long our government has been dominated by establishment politicians beholden to big business. I will continue to use my position on the City Council to stand up for Seattle's working families. Let’s work together to make Seattle affordable for all!

For more information:

PO BOX 85862
(206) 486-0099


Pamela Banks

Pamela Banks

Education: Section not used by City of Seattle candidates
Occupation: Section not used by City of Seattle candidates


“I’ve spent my career uniting people to address complex problems, making progress on racial and economic justice, fair wages for women, and safe, affordable housing for all. For 20 years, I’ve called District 3 home, as a community and non-profit volunteer, former President of the Garfield PTSA and CEO of the Seattle Urban League. With your vote, I’ll bring our progressive values AND neighborhood priorities to City Hall. We need both if we are to truly move Seattle forward.”


Proven Progressive Leadership: Pamela Banks began as a community organizer and union member, working in Seattle neighborhoods to ensure city programs reached underserved residents and communities. She has a strong track record of reducing disparities in education, employment, housing and health. We need her dedication and passion working for us in City Hall.


Affordability For All: Instead of false promises, Pamela has helped people secure and keep affordable housing as a Board member of Capitol Hill Housing, working with low income homeowners to avoid foreclosure, and managing transitional housing at the Urban League. She understands we need a variety of policies to meet the needs of our community -- from controlling rents to increasing the supply of affordable housing.


Public Safety Improvements: Families and businesses need improved police response and involvement, and we must better address crime in all our neighborhoods. A vocal advocate for police reform, Pamela knows that bringing law enforcement closer to the community improves safety and accountability.


Strong Neighborhood Schools: Pamela understands the connection between education and opportunity, particularly for youth of color. A single mother, Pamela volunteered at her son’s schools and helped build after-school and athletic programs. Her tenacity improved the lives of youth in District 3, and she will continue to fight for education at City Hall.


Green, Smart Transportation: A lifelong environmentalist and transit rider, Pamela understands that bus, rail, bike and pedestrian investments are essential to improving mobility and reducing carbon pollution.


Pamela is proudly endorsed by: The Seattle Times, King County Young Democrats, former Executive Ron Sims, Seattle Councilmember Bruce Harrell, State Representatives Eric Pettigrew, Sharon Tomiko Santos, former Mayors Nickels, Rice, Royer and Uhlman, and Rev. Samuel B. McKinney, Alison Holcomb, Jon Bridge, Ruth Woo and Nate Miles and highest rating in District 3 from the Municipal League of King County. 

For more information:

(206) 682-7328