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King County Local Voters' Pamphlet

November 3, 2015 General And Special Election

School, Seattle School District No. 1 
Director District No. 1

Michael Christophersen

Michael Christophersen

Education: AA Electronic Engineering, numerous technical certifications
Occupation: Technical consultant IBM


I’m a father of three with over 35 years of combined experience with the Seattle public schools, as a student, parent and advocate. I’m running not just because of my roots and children, but because I believe that quality education is a fundamental right.


If elected I will hold myself accountable for student’s outcomes providing meaningful oversight of policies, insuring our district complies with all city, state and federal laws.


Here are just a few of my ideas for change:


Improving Outcome For Students With Learning Disabilities


With nearly 5,000 Seattle Public schools students having been identified as having some form of dyslexia and an estimated 5,000 more students unidentified, it is critical that we implement scientific approaches to these challenges in education. Earlier this year I presented the district with a professional development proposal from a respected NHI researcher in literacy.


Lowering The Dollar Amount Needed For Board Approval


Currently the district employees can spend up to $249,000 without board approval, I would lower the amount to $20,000.


Revoking Attorney Client Privilege


Currently the district uses attorney client privilege as a shield preventing the public from knowing the facts around various issues and to obfuscate from parents what is really going on with their child’s education. I would propose that the board enact a policy requiring the district’s legal department to obtain board approval before invoking attorney client privilege.


Lowering Central Administrative Cost


Once in office, I would conduct a review of all 838 + central administrative positions then work with the board and the superintendent to redirect unnecessary administrative expenditures to our classrooms.


I’m ready to do what is needed to provide an equitable, meaningful, and fundamentally sound education for all students and I need your vote to do it and your support over the next 4 years.

For more information:

621 NW 114TH PL
(206) 556-4380


Scott S. Pinkham

Scott S. Pinkham

Education: M.Ed. Educational Leadership & Policy Studies (ABT); BS Mathematical Sciences, University of Washington
Occupation: Assistant Director College of Engineering Diversity & Access; AIS Lecturer


I graduated from a public school in central Washington.  After completing my Bachelor of Science degree at the UW, I tutored mathematics, implemented a peer-tutoring program for a community college, managed pre-college engineering programs, and served as a university admissions and recruitment counselor prior to my current positions as the director of the UW Minority Scholars Engineering Program and American Indian Studies lecturer.  Throughout my life, education has been about bringing out the best in the individual.


Science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) skills are needed in our growing technology-based society.  I will apply my strong STEM background and my work with diverse communities so that students are not left behind.  Teachers should be allowed to teach students how to learn rather than memorize facts for high stakes tests.  All students are capable, but students should not be measured by tests alone.


Performance of our underrepresented and underserved students should be seen as one true measure of our schools.  We have seen programs that work for our underserved/underrepresented communities being reduced or eliminated by Seattle Public Schools (SPS).   This should not be a budget issue, but a priority issue.


With children in Seattle schools, my wife and I have been active in holding SPS accountable.  We have spoken at school board meetings, community meetings and school-wide assemblies.  I have done volunteer work in math classes.  We speak up when others have given up.  Too often the community is brought in after major milestones have passed, leaving the public feeling disempowered.  We need transparency – community voices matter.  My father was a union president and like him I know that listening is important to achieve a common goal. 


I would appreciate your vote.


More information/endorsements on website.


For more information:

PO BOX 27043
(206) 271-6762