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King County Local Voters' Pamphlet

November 3, 2015 General And Special Election

City, City of Seattle 
Council District No. 7

Sally Bagshaw

Sally Bagshaw

Education: Section not used by City of Seattle candidates
Occupation: Section not used by City of Seattle candidates


Sally Bagshaw's strength is bringing people of differing points of view together to solve complex problems.  She seeks common ground. She builds coalitions. She governs through hard work. Sally stands up for what she believes and she gets things done.


Determination and steady competence have earned Sally broad support from business owners, labor unions, transportation advocates, women’s coalitions, human service leaders and environmental groups. She has the dedicated support of hundreds of friends and neighbors. See the full list of endorsements at


Prior to joining the City Council in 2010, Sally was the Chief Civil Deputy for King County Prosecuting Attorney Norm Maleng. Sally raised two sons through the Shoreline public schools while pursuing her legal career.


Sally has been a committed volunteer for kids, schools, and those who are homeless.  She and her husband Brad have lived Downtown in District 7 or fifteen years.  




GETTING AROUND: Sally’s goal is to relieve traffic congestion so we can all get around. She knows a coordinated transportation network is required to address the needs of those who drive cars, trucks, and walk or ride bikes. She is a champion for Neighborhood Greenways creating safer streets throughout our city.


PUBLIC SAFETY:  She advocates for a renewed police department that reduces crime while preserving our civil rights; she was an early supporter of the Law Enforcement Assisted Diversion (LEAD) program that offers alternatives to jail for those ready for a fresh start.


PARKS: She oversaw and led the voter-approved measure to create stable, well-maintained parks for our grandchildren and us.


EDUCATION: Sally is a dedicated supporter of our public school programs from pre-K through technical apprenticeships and college/university.


HOUSING AND HUMAN SERVICES: She protects our most vulnerable. She has obtained funding for coordinated emergency services and advocates for 24-hour shelters.


Endorsements: Rated OUTSTANDING by the Municipal League, Sally has been endorsed by both The Stranger and the Seattle Times. She is endorsed by dozens of regional leaders including Mayor Ed Murray and King County Executive Dow Constantine, and by organizations including Seattle Firefighters, Aerospace Machinists Union, Washington Conservation Voters, Cascade Bicycle Club, the National Women’s Political Caucus, the Civic Alliance for a Sound Economy (CASE), Building and Construction Trades and the King County Democrats. More at

For more information:

P.O. BOX 21171
(206) 641-2066


Deborah Zech-Artis

Deborah Zech-Artis

Education: Section not used by City of Seattle candidates
Occupation: Section not used by City of Seattle candidates


I am asking for your vote so we can get these important things done.  Regarding City Council:

  • Make all negotiations recorded and become public record prior to any vote:  no more backroom deals.
  • Have the City Council meet in the communities on a regular basis.
  • Equal time for citizens and businesses to testify before the council
  • Review all legislation passed or rejected since November 2014. (Our current City Council rushed through legislation without Councilors personally reading it.) 

Regarding traffic management:

  • Replace the Magnolia Bridge immediately.
  • Make public transportation more convenient and timely to reduce auto traffic.
  • Reduce parking fees and reduce parking ticket costs.  (This should not be a fundraiser for the city.  It should control the amount of time parking spots are used so more people can do business in downtown and in neighborhoods.) 

Regarding social services and burdens:

  • Work with King County Assessor to mitigate property taxes for senior citizens, low-income homeowners, and disabled citizens.
  • Shift the tax burden towards those who can best afford it.
  • Reduce the number of people depending on homeless camps by finding appropriate housing and other necessary services
  • Decentralize human services and make them more accessible in the various city districts
  • Re-establish the Neighborhood Service Centers and increase the services.  Re-establish magistrate services. 

Regarding urban planning:

  • Review the Mayor’s land use proposal, utilizing public input.
  • Review urban villages in conjunction with transit and our growing Sound Transit system. 

Regarding law enforcement:

Continue police reform and increase the number of officers.

Continue to promote the Law Enforcement Assisted Diversion (LEAD) program.

License all bicycles.  (This will eliminate anonymous riders and will aid in recovering stolen property.)


This is just the beginning.  All of these items have been brought before me by you; the voters.  I am determined to get these issues dealt with.  I will build common ground and consensus with the Council and Mayor.  My strength is in listening, identifying problems and solutions, in getting things done.  The Mayor is already talking about increasing the urgency of the Magnolia Bridge replacement.  My opponent, a longtime resident of Seattle, and many others are now paying attention to the waterfront business.  These are all issues I focused on during the primary, and I have already made an impact.  Help me continue making impacts and improve Seattle.  Please vote for me.  Thank you.

For more information:

(206) 271-8086