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King County Local Voters' Pamphlet

November 3, 2015 General And Special Election

City, City of Seattle 
Council District No. 6

Mike O'Brien

Mike O'Brien

Education: Section not used by City of Seattle candidates
Occupation: Section not used by City of Seattle candidates


I believe Seattle can be a model for sustainability, affordability, and economic and cultural vitality. I envision a city where smart policies ensure that all families can afford to live here; where children get a great public education; where everyone, regardless of zip code, feels safe in their communities; and where there are great jobs and opportunities in every neighborhood. I’m excited about the new district system and the opportunity to work closer with you to ensure every voice in District 6 is heard.


Prior to joining Council in 2010, I spent 10 years as the chief financial officer at a local law firm where I oversaw budgeting, financial reporting, and forecasting for a $10 million business. I was also chair of the Sierra Club and a volunteer activist for over a decade before entering office fighting climate change and supporting public transit. 


Here’s what I’m focused on:


Creating jobs: Supporting local hire provisions that will provide access to family-wage jobs on public works projects for Seattle residents who are out of work. 


Ensuring transportation options: Championing a reliable transportation system connecting our diverse neighborhoods—including using my position as Sound Transit Board Member to work for a Sound Transit 3 plan that includes new rail lines for Ballard and West Seattle. Now more than ever we need to prioritize transit, expand alternative modes of transportation and improve the condition of our existing roads.


Protecting our environment: Adopting some of the most aggressive greenhouse gas reduction targets for a city in the world, and leading the fight against dangerous oil trains and Shell Oil’s Arctic drilling plans.


Housing options for all: Continuing work to expand access to housing and services for our neighbors experiencing homelessness through my innovative Road to Housing program and leading the Council effort to adopt a new affordable housing linkage fee to ensure new development doesn’t displace long-term or lower-income residents. 


I’ve been endorsed by the 43rd & 46th District Democrats, SEIU Locals 775, 925 and 6, UFCW Local 21, IAM 751, IBEW 77, Sierra Club, and Cascade Bicycle Club.


I believe that if we focus on the right priorities, we can create a city where everyone has an opportunity to succeed and enjoy all that helps make Seattle the best place to live. I ask for your vote to represent you for District 6.

For more information:

604 N 45TH ST
(206) 552-0574


Catherine Weatbrook

Catherine Weatbrook

Education: Section not used by City of Seattle candidates
Occupation: Section not used by City of Seattle candidates


Seattle is changing quickly, impacting how we live, work, and move around. For many it means struggling to afford living here, increased violent crime, more traffic congestion, and continued income gaps.


We can create more affordable housing without bulldozing our neighborhoods and handing over control and profits to out of area investors who destroy 400 affordable units each year. We can make sure that with development and well planned density, comes much needed infrastructure like better roads, water, power, improved transit and walkability, safer bike routes, cleaner parks, and enough schools. We can do better for our vulnerable populations. The current City Council has relied on levy increases for already struggling homeowners, rather than considering developer impact fees.


Affordable housing is in part, an income and transportation issue. Our current city council has turned it’s back on middle income jobs. Longer commute times from more affordable areas to the jobs, increase both pollution and the price of housing in the heart of our city.


Our police staffing levels are stuck in the 1970’s. Emergency calls are increasingly mental health and drug related, and we need to change our strategies, services, and staffing to address today’s reality.


We can and must do better for everyone, and I believe that together we can. Starting with understanding your concerns, I want to be your champion at City Hall, and make Seattle a more inclusive and more livable city for everyone.


I have been active in community projects including parks and playgrounds, improved designs for neighborhoods and business areas, preserving community arts space before gentrification forced the arts out, community led emergency preparedness and response training, advocating to fix the Ballard rain garden problems, improving road and sewer projects, and held leadership positions in over ten community and city wide organizations in the past twenty years.


I have a proven track record of getting things done in our communities and I want to bring that to city hall.


Ratings:  Municipal League rating Good, NARAL rated Pro-Choice


Endorsed by:  State Representative Gael Tarleton, State Senator Rosemary McAuliffe, Green Party of Seattle, Livable Ballard, Tom Malone, Rob Mattson, Rental Housing Association, Seattle Hotel and Restaurant Associations, and many other residents.


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Twitter: @CatherineFor6

Fax: (206) 789-5093

For more information:

2400 NW 80TH ST #259
(206) 372-2033