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King County Elections

King County Elections
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King County Local Voters' Pamphlet

November 3, 2015 General And Special Election

County, Director of Elections 

Julie Wise

Julie Wise

Education: University of Washington Evans School; Harvard Kennedy School; Certified Washington State and National Election Administrator
Occupation: Current Elections Deputy Director and 13-year veteran elections administrator


Thank you, voters, for your support in the primary. I was humbled by the results of my first election as a candidate, receiving 63% of the County’s votes.


Your confidence in our election system is very important to me; I want to bring more community input into elections to continue building upon our record of accurate, fair and transparent election administration.


As the current Elections Deputy Director, I oversee four elections every year, and I’ve been part of the team responsible for completely reconciling all elections for the past five years. I introduced Lean Management principles and Six Sigma techniques to more than 100 election processes, giving me a national reputation as an innovator. I have expanded education, outreach and services for all voters, including voters with disabilities, new citizens and those in the military.


I am the only nonpartisan candidate running in this race, and I’m proud of my track record of serving all equally and fairly. The Elections Director is too important a position to be trusted to an overly partisan candidate who lacks election administration experience.  


I am committed to continued reform of King County Elections. I plan to install more permanent 24-hour ballot drop boxes across King County and expand accessible voting options for all voters. I look forward to implementing new techniques that enhance elections audits, replacing aging equipment and further strengthening our accountability. I will keep expanding voter education and outreach to better serve all citizens and communities.


I am proud of the diverse endorsements I have received: The Seattle Times, The Stranger, National Women’s Political Caucus, Secretary of State Kim Wyman, retiring King County Elections Director Sherril Huff, bi-partisan election officials across the state and Democratic, Republican and Independent voters countywide.


I ask for your vote.  Thank you for your support.

For more information:

(360) 886-8174


Zack Hudgins

Zack Hudgins

Education: BA - University of Notre Dame
Occupation: High Technology Manager / Citizen Legislator


Zack Hudgins is the only candidate in this race with successful leadership in elections, business, and public service. His competency and integrity is recognized by many civic and veteran organizations. Zack has the education, experience and vision to move this office into the future.


It‘s time for a change. The King County Elections administration has stumbled over the last few years with the 2004 governor’s recount, having too few ballot boxes and other practices that have dramatically lowered voter turnout. The current administration isn't ready for the growth and technology of the future.


We can do better. As the next Elections Director, Zack commits to prepare the office for the coming challenges through constant enhancements to the counting process, improving accountability measures, more ballot security, friendlier online tools and expanded community outreach.


Zack is a nationally and internationally respected elections expert with a background in Information Technology (IT). In 2004, he was a U.S. senior process advisor to the Interim Iraqi National Congress preparing for their first free elections.


Zack brings a unique competence to manage the Elections office from many years of service in the State Legislature. This service includes oversight of the Public Disclosure Commission, the Secretary of State’s Election division, budgets and large and complex IT projects.  In addition to his Legislative responsibilities, Zack regularly works with civic groups around the state, including high school and college students, on how to be more effective citizens. Zack is the candidate with a completely untarnished record of public service.


Zack brings his business experience at and Microsoft to identify efficiencies needed in the Elections office.


With his wife, Gabriela Quintana, Zack is parent to a four year old son. Because of his public record, Zack is widely supported across the county.


Vote Zack Hudgins for Director of Elections.

For more information:

4511 S 136TH ST
(206) 860-9809