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King County Local Voters' Pamphlet

August 4, 2015 Primary And Special Election

Special Purpose District, Public Hospital District No. 1 
Commissioner Position No. 4

Savannah Clifford-Visker

Savannah Clifford-Visker

Education: Bachelor Degree, Central Washington University; Graduate of Liberty High School and Renton Vocational Institute.
Occupation: Early Learning Teacher, Renton School District; Working Mom.


I am seeking your support to represent you as your Hospital Commissioner.


I was born at Valley Medical Center, worked as a hospital volunteer and my son was just born at Valley.  I trust and support the hospital staff.


I do not support Valley’s CEO Rich Roodman and his illegal activities.


When voters were defeating Commissioners who supported Roodman, he was on the brink of losing control of the Commission.  To insulate himself from the voters, Roodman rushed into an Alliance with UW Medicine taking power away from elected Commissioners and giving it to a Board of Trustees appointed and controlled by “Seattle Elites” at UW Medicine.


My opponent Terry Block is a strong supporter of Roodman and together they support:


Surrendering control of our hospital to unanswerable “Trustees” completely unaccountable to the voters.


Appointing former commissioners defeated by the voters to the Board of Trustees.


Prohibiting public comment at Trustee meetings.


Allowing Trustees who do not live in the district to raise our taxes.


Continuing Roodman’s million dollar plus salary.


Allowing taxpayer money to be used for illegal campaigning.


Terry Block has a financial conflict of interest and benefits financially from his relationship with Roodman.  And, Block has failed to file financial disclosure reports with the State as required by law.  He does not support the people and the taxpayers of this district. 


Here is what I support:


Replacing Rich Roodman.


Reducing the salaries of overpaid administrators and use the savings to hire more nurses.


Reset the hospital’s moral compass to one founded on common sense and fair representation.


Fight to return control of Valley to elected Commissioners.


As a mother, a teacher, and as a taxpayer I will bring to the Commission a perspective that has been missing for far too long.


Thank you for your support. 

For more information:

2721 TALBOT RD. S.
RENTON, WA 98055
(425) 279-3034


Lawton Montgomery

Lawton Montgomery

Education: National Fire Academy (Emmitsburg, Maryland); Washington Fire Academy, Spanaway High School, Highline Community College.
Occupation: Captain, Kent Fire Department; Instructor Washington State Patrol Fire Academy.


I have been a firefighter for 27 years and know what it really means to serve the public.  I am running because like you and your neighbors, I am very upset control of Valley Medical Center was turned over to an “appointed” board rather than the Commissioner “we the people” elect.


There are big differences between myself and Terry Block that are important to know before you vote.


For years, Commissioners gave Valley’s CEO Rich Roodman everything he wanted.  His yearly salary ballooned to $1.6 million and he was given $8.7 million in special retirement benefits. KING-5 reported Roodman illegally spent $478,000 on an election.


After voters defeated two commissioners supportive of Roodman, he implemented a scheme before the 2011 elections that would guarantee he could keep control for as long as he wanted.  His scheme was an Alliance with UW Medicine that replaced elected Commissioners with Trustees appointed with Roodman’s approval.


Despite voter opposition, Commissioners supportive of Roodman voted 3 to 2 to strip power from the elected commissioners and turn power over to eight appointed Trustees.  To make matters worse, former Commissioner Kohlwes and Miller who were defeated by the voters were appointed as Trustees!


Commissioner Heide who strongly opposed turning power over to an appointed board resigned when he moved.  Block was appointed to replace Heide because he supports keeping power with the appointed board rather than the Commissioners you elect.


The choice cannot be clearer.


If you want decisions about your taxes made by an appointed board that will keep Roodman in power, you should vote for Block.


If you want someone who will fight so the commissioners you elect can regain power to control your taxes and replace Roodman, you should vote for me.


I hope I can count on your vote!  Thank you.

For more information:

KENT, WA 98032


Terry Block

Terry Block

Education: Bachelor of Arts, The University of Chicago; Doctor of Medicine (MD),The Ohio State University
Occupation: Physician/Cardiologist


In 1982, I began my career at Valley Medical Center. I practiced over 30 years at Valley as a Cardiologist, and during that time I held numerous positions on the Medical Staff, including a three year term as Chief Medical Officer. I served on Quality Improvement, Patient Safety, and Peer Review Committees, allowing me to gain a comprehensive understanding of the processes involved in optimizing the quality of patient care delivered at Valley. Throughout my career, improving patient care has been my guiding light.


During my career, I also spent three years in hospital administration and served as President of Southlake Clinic for 12 years. I have served on Boards, chaired committees, and learned first-hand the numerous rules and regulations of our healthcare system, as well as the complexities of its finances. I know how to work with colleagues in both the medical professions and hospital administration. I can hit the ground running as your commissioner.


During the past few years, I and many of my colleagues have been disturbed by what seemed like an injection of politics in to Valley's Board. I can assure you that I have NO political agenda. Valley Medical Center has provided me with a wonderful and fulfilling career these past thirty-plus years. I want to give back, pure and simple. If you elect me to this office, I will do my very best to improve access to care, assure the highest quality of medical care possible, and make patient safety a priority for all of you in the District. I am a strong advocate of the Affiliation with UW and believe it can be a key component to aid us in accomplishing these goals.


I ask for your vote to allow me to work for these goals.

For more information:

RENTON, WA 98055