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King County Local Voters' Pamphlet

August 4, 2015 Primary And Special Election

School, Seattle School District No. 1 
Director District No. 6

Leslie Harris

Leslie Harris

Education: Attended Western Washington University and University of Washington
Occupation: Litigation Paralegal for victims


My issues are Transparency, Trust, and Equity.


We need to put more dollars in the classrooms.   We need to address the issues of high stakes testing, the current and looming capacity crisis, and, the decades of maintenance backlogs.  We need transparency and more follow-up to unanswered questions. We need to replicate what is working and move away from failures.  We need equity in programs available throughout the district.   We need accountability and leadership.


I have attended board and committee meetings at the central office for over 10 years. I have attended Directors’ community meetings in all parts of the city.    I have recent extensive relevant experience  and have served on PTSAs at Pathfinder K-8 and Chief Sealth.   My service on numerous boards - local, state and national show I understand policymaking, fiduciary duty, and collaboration.   My career of 30 years as a litigation paralegal researching facts, law and reverse engineering systems on behalf of victims will transfer to my being a very effective Director.


We can do so much better for our kids and families and communities.   I ask for your vote.


Endorsed** by  32nd Leg. Dist. Demos (sole), 46th Leg. Dist. Demos (dual), King County Young Democrats, Recommended by IUOE Local 609 (Classified Seattle School employees), AFL-CIO.  Please see my website for list of individual and elected representatives’ endorsements.


**Voters pamphlet deadline of 05-20-15 was prior to many important endorsement decisions.

For more information:

(206) 579-2842


Nick Esparza

Nick Esparza

Education: B.A. Political Science with minor in Sociology, University of the Ozarks, Clarksville, AR.
Occupation: Vice President,


My name is Nick Esparza, and I am running for Seattle School Board Director District #6.


I grew up in eastern Washington and have lived in Seattle for a number of years.


I care deeply about education and our schools.  As a School Board member, I will work hard to help make Seattle Public Schools a better school district.


-Too much testing.  We need more time for learning, and less time for testing.  “Bubbling” A, B, C, or D does not make better students.  I am opposed to high stakes testing.  It reduces children to only a test score, and dismisses the potential of students with learning disabilities.


-Resources for teaching. Teachers are taking on more students and more work, with less support staff, such as instructional assistants in special education, affecting the overall quality of education.  I will hold the District accountable for providing support to teachers and families – I am not a rubber stamp.  Students need teachers who can challenge them, believe in them, not give up on them, and want them to be a success.  We pay teachers to be innovative, not robots.


-Adequate building capacity at reasonably-sized schools.  I am the only candidate in  this race who opposed and publicly spoke out against the closure of schools.  Along with the sale of our school properties, the previous rounds of school closures are now generally seen as disasters.  One candidate for District #6 proposed closing Roxhill elementary and merging it into a giant-sized Arbor Heights elementary.  The other candidate helped push for the closure of Cooper elementary.  I promise I won’t follow their example.


“I very much support Nick Esparza for School Board” --- Shelley Williams, former Cooper student, parent, and staff member, and Nick Esparza campaign manager.


I would appreciate your vote.


Respectfully,  Nick Esparza

For more information:

(206) 383-5549


Marty McLaren

Marty McLaren

Education: BA, History, UW; Teaching Credential, Pacific Oaks College; endorsements in Math, Science, History, ECE.
Occupation: Retired K12 teacher, incumbent School Board Director


I am a parent and professional educator who has served Seattle Schools for 14 years, ten as a teacher and four on the School Board.  I’m running for re-election because I have a clear sense of what we need to do to close the opportunity gap and meet the needs of every student in our district.  To make this happen, in the past four years I have led or actively supported adoption of a leading-edge K5 math curriculum, implementation of a district-wide intervention system to identify and support struggling learners before they fall behind, improvements in professional development for teachers, and hiring Dr. Larry Nyland, a distinguished education leader, as our Superintendent. 


My greatest strength is bringing people together to work constructively on our most important initiatives.  This collaborative spirit has fostered greater cooperation between the board and district staff, enabling us to make significant progress in improving the culture and quality of our Seattle Public Schools.


However, much crucial planning is yet to be implemented.  In my second term on the board, I will ensure that closing the gap remains our highest priority. I will continue to work diligently to secure full funding of education to meet the needs of disadvantaged learners and improve the quality of education in all of our schools. With wise spending and careful planning we’re getting things done for our students and teachers. With full funding we will achieve all our goals.


If re-elected, I will leverage my strengths to empower our incoming new Board Directors to form a highly effective team.  Together, we can ensure that Seattle students are among the most supported, successful students in the nation. 


Endorsements:  Current and former Board Presidents Sherry Carr, Sharon Peaslee, Kay Smith-Blum, 46th Democrats, Cliff Mass.







For more information:

4742 42ND AVE. SW, #363
(206) 446-0925