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King County Elections

King County Elections
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King County Local Voters' Pamphlet

August 4, 2015 Primary And Special Election

County, Director of Elections 

Zack Hudgins

Zack Hudgins

Education: BA - University of Notre Dame
Occupation: High Technology Manager / Citizen Legislator


Zack believes that King County can set the standard for election integrity for the nation.


As the next Elections Director in King County, Zack commits to continued accountability measures, more ballot security, improved online tools for ballot tracking, and constant upgrading of the counting process. We clearly need to build on the success of the office.


Zack commits to a vibrant open conversation with voters about what they want and need from the department, such as more permanent drop boxes, and better outreach for communities of color and low English proficient voters. 


Zack currently serves Washington’s 11th legislative district – which includes the state’s most diverse zip codes.  He is most proud of his work on bi-partisan legislation protecting the environment, helping small businesses, creating opportunity for young people and balancing the budget.  As chair of the Government oversight appropriations committee, Zack reviews state agency budgets and IT projects.


From Iraq to Ukraine and India to Indonesia, Zack has taught people about free and fair elections.  In 2004, he lived outside the “Green Zone” helping the Interim Iraqi National Congress prepare for the first free elections in that nation as a Senior Program Manager with the National Democratic Institute.


Years in the High Technology industry at and Microsoft taught Zack insight needed to assure professionalism and accountability are part of every new application of technology in the elections office, which should clearly focus on the services and standards critical to voter confidence.


 Zack is married to Gabriela Quintana and they are parents to a three year old son. Zack has been endorsed by County Council Members, Community Leaders, Legislators and Citizens across King County, including Governor Jay Inslee, and Seattle Mayor Ed Murray and Renton Mayor Denis Law.


Please vote for Zack Hudgins for Director of Elections.

For more information:

4511 S 136TH ST
(206) 860-9809


Julie Wise

Julie Wise

Education: University of Washington Evans School, Harvard Kennedy School, Certified Washington State and National Election Administration
Occupation: Elections Deputy Director and 13+ year elections professional


Elect Julie Wise: The only candidate with proven elections experience and a record of accuracy.


Public confidence in elections depends upon accurate, fair and transparent administration. No other candidate in this race has administered more accurate, accessible, and secure elections than King County Elections Deputy Director Julie Wise. Julie has the right combination of education and hands-on experience to protect every ballot cast. As the only state and nationally certified elections administrator in this race, Julie championed best practices in election administration throughout Washington State. She is a nationally respected election professional with leadership training at the business schools of University of Washington and Harvard.


Julie Wise is an innovator. Under her leadership, King County is running more accurate and transparent elections. She’s introduced Lean Management principles and Six Sigma techniques to more than 100 election processes and seeks to bring more community input into the elections process.  


As Elections Director, Julie will adopt new technologies that enhance election audits, replace aging equipment and institute procedures that strengthen accountability and transparency.


Julie is a nonpartisan leader who has the support of bi-partisan community leaders and members. She is dedicated to working with King County’s diverse community to build partnerships with open lines of communication and action-based results. The Elections Director is too important a position to be trusted to an inexperienced, overly partisan candidate who lacks election administration experience.  Let’s not go backwards.


As Elections Director Julie will install more permanent 24-hour ballot drop box locations across King County, expand accessible voting options for all voters and streamline ballot processing to provide earlier, more meaningful election results. Julie's focus continues to be administering accurate and secure elections. Voters can depend on her proven skills, commitment to fairness, openness, and record of results.


Vote for Julie Wise for Director of Elections

For more information:

(360) 886-8174


Christopher Roberts

Christopher Roberts

Education: Ph.D. University of Washington (Political Science/Public Law); B.A. Willamette University
Occupation: Shoreline City Councilmember; Small business owner; Husband and father


As Director of Elections, I will demand the highest standards of integrity, quality, and efficiency to administer elections impartially.


The ballot is the currency of our democracy. Free, accessible, and fair elections are the fundamental building blocks of our nation. 


Our election system must inspire confidence, so you know our government is truly of, by, and for the people. 

Please visit my website for my “King County Voters’ Bill of Rights.”


I’d be honored to receive your vote.


Proven Leadership


I am a twice elected member of the nonpartisan Shoreline City Council, am a union member, and served as a legislative assistant to a Republican legislator. I am a Choctaw tribal member, a board member of the Seattle Indian Center, and was Chair of the Democratic Party Native American Caucus.


At the University of Washington, I researched and taught elections and election law in the Department of Political Science and the Evans School of Public Affairs and continue to follow developments in election law.


Supporting Our Values

I will implement policies that ensure ballot access for everyone and prioritize voter education. 


We need dropbox locations in every city, and neighborhood voting centers where election staff can replace a lost or spoiled ballot, provide help with reading a ballot, or where you can vote privately and independently without a stamp.


We need to partner with civic organizations to promote voting.


I will implement policies that bring increased openness and transparency to our election process and balance the department’s budget.


We need to prioritize customer service, improve access to electronic records, and manage elections with utmost integrity. 


Endorsed by Community Leaders you Trust


I am endorsed by a coalition of legislators, mayors, and councilmembers from Enumclaw to Shoreline and Duvall to Federal Way; Democrats, Republicans, and Independents; and Assessor Lloyd Hara.

For more information:

18333 3RD AVE NE
(206) 552-9160