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King County Local Voters' Pamphlet

November 4, 2014 General And Special Election

City, Seattle Municipal Court 
Judge Position No. 4

Judith Montgomery Hightower

Judith Montgomery Hightower

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Since my election by write-in 1991, I have worked to maintain my commitment to you to be tough but fair. With no challenger, I wish to talk about what makes a good judge and our court.


We judges are tasked to ensure the protection of the body politic from overreaching government and to hold the body politic accountable under the law, uninfluenced by special interests or politics. So, a good judge is courageous and humble; makes hard decisions based upon the law and what is just under all the circumstances before the court. It means not bending to political pressure; not trying to please one party or the other. This requires intellectual honesty and integrity.


A good judge is a servant leader; does not seek power and prestige; is knowledgeable about the law and participates in continuing education.


So how do you decide who to vote for? You look for years of experience. With experience comes wisdom and the confidence to do what is right and just, uninfluenced by political pressures. We need wise judges who are balanced in their experiences and who give and have given service to their community.


Look beyond popularity polls like the King County bar poll. Even the Bar cautions not to use their poll to evaluate judges for elections because it is statistically unreliable. Be wary of those who have more to say about those they challenge rather than their own qualifications. Be leery of those who are so desperate to "win" they go to any length and expend any amount of money to be elected.


Despite reduced judicial resources and lack of adequate funding, our court provides access to justice for Seattle citizens in a timely, efficient and respectful manner. With our equal justice partners we find innovative ways to meet the challenges facing our criminal justice system such as: expansion of day reporting services, improved Community Court, Veteran's court, segregated domestic violence and mental health calendars. We provide timely access to trial by jury, our primary constitutional mandate. Under the leadership of your judges, our magistrate division manages civil infractions, including adjudication by mail, saving citizens the time and expense of coming to court for traffic tickets. Rest assured that you are well served by the current judges of Seattle Municipal Court.

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