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King County Elections

King County Elections
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King County Local Voters' Pamphlet

November 4, 2014 General And Special Election

County, Prosecuting Attorney 

Dan Satterberg - (Prefers Republican Party)

Dan Satterberg

Education: University of Washington, undergraduate and law school
Occupation: King County Prosecuting Attorney


As King County Prosecuting Attorney I am committed to leading the finest office in the nation, attracting the best attorneys and staff dedicated to our mission to do justice, and to reforming our criminal justice system.  Over the past 30 years in this office, I have come to realize certain truths that guide me in this role, including:


Keeping kids in school is our best crime prevention strategy, and diverting youth accused of minor crimes from the courthouse to a caring community can change the way they think.  Many of the complex social problems we face cannot be solved in a courtroom or a prison cell, but the law can be an effective tool to achieve more desirable outcomes, like treatment for chemical dependency or mental illness.


Also, nothing good happens when kids illegally carry guns. Car theft and burglary are quality of life crimes, not property offenses.  Few crimes are more devastating to a family than losing a loved one to a drunk driver. Strong community resources can help victims of domestic violence and sexual abuse become survivors. Preventing elder abuse is a shared responsibility.


The fact that there is racial disproportionality in our justice system undermines our credibility with those most impacted by crime.  The goal of any justice system should be to reduce recidivism, but two out of three people released from prison today will return within three years.  If we are to make any progress on reducing our nation's incarceration rate, we must build effective systems of reentry.


Together, we have the power to shape a criminal justice system that is fair and serves the needs of our dynamic community.  It is a privilege and honor to represent you as Prosecuting Attorney.

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