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King County Local Voters' Pamphlet

November 5, 2013 General And Special Election

Port of Seattle, Commissioner Position No. 4 

Richard Pope

Richard Pope

Education: University of Washington, JD Law; Excelsior College, BA Economics; University of Tennessee, Graduate Studies Economics
Occupation: Attorney, Small Business Owner, Devoted Parent, and Concerned Citizen



          This year, King County property owners are being taxed $73.0 Million to subsidize the Port of Seattle.  Since I first ran for Port Commissioner in 1999, this unfair property tax levy has more than doubled.  Why should working families and senior citizens be drained, just to subsidize international shipping companies and lucrative Port contractors?

         Other major ports don’t tax the people, but give back to the people.  Our biggest rivals, Los Angeles and Vancouver BC, give back over $100 million annually to support local governments.  With over $5 billion in net assets, the Port of Seattle can also give back to help the people, and stop taking such an enormous subsidy.

         Complicating matters, the Port of Seattle has too many businesses to effectively manage its investments. With the cushion of a property tax subsidy, it simply hasn’t been forced to do so. Most people know that the Port runs the airport, seaport, and cruise terminal, but it also manages four conference centers, six office and commercial developments, a system of nineteen parks, and a police department nearly as large as the entire City of Renton force. That’s just the tip of the iceberg! Clearly, there are opportunities for both operational improvements and divestitures.

         We need to trim and reform overbloated and inefficient Port management.  The Port CEO makes $366,825 annually, over twice the Governor’s salary!  Port Commissioners recently increased their own salaries by 700%!  Over 100 top executives have comfortable six-figure salaries.  Year after year, the Port faces divisive scandals and disastrous performance audits.  We need to reform our Port and make it financially accountable and self-supporting!

         I am an ordinary citizen, small business owner, and concerned and devoted parent.  Once again, I would be honored to have your vote!

For more information:

15600 N.E. 8TH STREET, SUITE B1-358
(425) 829-5305


Tom Albro

Tom Albro

Education: University of Washington (Civil Engineering Degree)
Occupation: Small business (transportation services); entrepreneur; former owner medical records firm


I am often asked – “Just what is the Port of Seattle – and what exactly does a Port Commissioner do?"


Ports in Washington State are unlike any other in the nation: they are voter-created and empowered economic development agencies. There are 75 port authorities in Washington – all governed by elected commissioners focused on the economic health of their communities.


The struggle of our time is growing middle-class jobs. For that, we need an economic ladder that works for everyone – no community is healthy otherwise. That’s the mission of the Port – creating job growth and opportunity for all, and in ways that protect our environment.


I’m completing my first term, which began as the great recession hit full force. It was tough going for all of us, but I’m pleased to report the Port’s strength helped turn the tide to more prosperous times.


I’m asking for your support to serve another term. 


I now serve as President of the Port Commission. I also served as Audit Chair and made the Port more accountable and transparent through key reforms. I co-Chaired the creation of a new strategic plan that focuses the Port on its mission of job creation. Our goal is 100,000 more good jobs that come only through access to global suppliers and customers. Making and selling more planes, trucks, boats, and medical devices requires a world-class seaport just as growing our software, biotech, and tourism industries demands a great international airport.


But these facilities alone are still not enough – we must work together to leverage them and create jobs… with your vote, that’s exactly what I’ll do.


Rated Outstanding: Municipal League


Endorsements: SeaTac and Seattle Fire Fighters, International Association of Machinists & Aerospace Workers, King County Realtors, Sailors' Union, Seattle Metropolitan Chamber of Commerce.

For more information:

PO BOX 2398
AUBURN, WA 98071
(206) 443-1990