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King County Local Voters' Pamphlet

August 6, 2013 Primary And Special Election

Port of Seattle, Commissioner Position No. 3 

Stephanie Bowman

Stephanie Bowman

Education: Seattle University, M.B.A., Executive Leadership; University of Idaho, Bachelor of Science, American Marshall Fellowship
Occupation: Executive Director, Washington ABC, a statewide non-profit helping economically-disadvantaged families


The Port of Seattle is at a crossroads. We face extraordinary local and global challenges as we seek to fulfill our mission of family wage job creation, economic growth, and environmental sustainability.


We must decide whether we’re going to compete against the Port of Tacoma or work together to create America’s strongest west coast gateway. We need regional transportation investments and a state export strategy focused on shipping Washington products rather than fossil fuels.


Sea-Tac requires substantial capital investment to remain one of the world’s leading airports, and must provide the opportunity for all employees to build careers that sustain their families. Achieving our goal of being the greenest and most energy efficient port in North America requires cooperation between the Port and its vendors to implement world-class clean air and water practices.


To accomplish these critical tasks, we need progressive leaders focused on the core mission of our Port, with hands-on experience in trade and economic development and a proven commitment to workforce training and environmental responsibility. 


Appointed to the Port Commission in April, I bring 18 years of professional experience in economic development, transportation and workforce training on the regional, state and federal levels. I have direct experience in the Port industry, including five years at the Port of Tacoma. As Executive Director of a statewide non-profit organization, I know the value of a dollar and am committed to accountability and transparency at the Port.


I am proudly endorsed by: National Women’s Political Caucus; King County Labor Council; Longshoreman & Sailor’s Unions; Sea-Tac Firefighters Union; Citizens for Sound Economy; Boeing Machinists, and more than 200 civic, political and business leaders throughout King County.


I would be honored to have your support and continue to use my experience and leadership to usher in a new era at the Port.

For more information:

PO BOX 23011


Michael Wolfe

Michael Wolfe

Education: Georgetown University (Attended), Oakton Community College Associates of Arts, American School in London, England, Diploma
Occupation: Director of Sales


Congressman Adam Smith,


King County Councilmember Larry Phillips,


State Senators Adam Kline and Bob Hasegawa,


State Representatives Eric Pettigrew and Steve Bergquist,


Seattle City Councilmembers Mike O’Brien and Richard Conlin,


46th, 11th, 36th, 37th District Democrats,


King County Young Democrats,


King County Democrats

I am a South Seattle resident, former small business owner, proud father and husband.  As your Port Commissioner I will strive to grow our regional economy and advance Washington State’s place in the global marketplace.


With nearly 70% of the Port of Seattle’s operating revenue generated at Sea-Tac Airport and $400 million of annual economic activity generated by the cruise lines, it is critical we have a Port Commissioner with real experience in the travel, tourism and airline industries to provide proper oversight and strategically grow these economic opportunities. I have 15 years of experience in these industries, giving me the practical business experience needed to secure Seattle as a global leader in commerce. 


I am the only candidate with real-world experience in the travel, tourism and airline industries - industries that generate $6 billion in revenue and 53,000 jobs in our region. As your Commissioner I will bring an expert viewpoint, with a critical focus on:

  • Leading a regional coalition to fight for transportation infrastructure improvements needed to keep the Port competitive.
  • Assuring that all jobs at the Port provide a family wage, health care, and paid sick leave.
  • Modernizing the facilities at Sea-Tac Airport, especially the International Terminal and air cargo facilities.
  • Fighting to stop coal trains from entering our cities, increasing traffic congestion and damaging our environment.

I bring to the Commission a crucial diversity of professional experience in tourism and travel that the Port’s Century Agenda demands.   It would be my honor to serve our community, and I ask for your vote.

For more information:

(360) 224-0233


Andrew Pilloud

Andrew Pilloud

Education: B.S. Computer Engineering, Washington State University; Kamiak High School, Mukilteo, Washington
Occupation: Senior Software Engineer


Who is your voice on the port commission? Is it the international trade lawyers or the transportation business owners? Neither? That's why I am running, to be the voice that represents the interests of citizens.


You need a voice on the port commission.


I will push to move the commission meetings to the evening, so you can attend if you so choose. I believe that public meetings should be held at times convenient for the citizenry. Informed citizens like yourself are critical to the democratic process, and you should have access to your elected decision makers so that you can hold them accountable.


You need your port to sustainably encourage trade and industry.


The primary goal of our port is to encourage the growth of trade and industry in the Seattle region. We can't reach that goal without being sustainable, both environmentally and economically. As port commissioner, I will evaluate projects by three criteria: first, by the number of family wage jobs the project will bring to the region; second, by how that project will benefit you, the taxpayer; third, by what the project will do to minimize environmental impact. I will work to reduce the taxpayer subsidy of the port. Port operations should be paid for by those benefiting from them.


You need your port to be secure without compromising your liberty.


While security measures must be implemented to ensure no group can terrorize you, I worry that some of our preventative measures may actually be causing you terror. You haven't done anything to deserve this treatment. I will take action to ensure both our seaport and airport are secure without infringing on your rights to privacy and freedom from unreasonable searches.


Please vote Andrew Pilloud for port commissioner. Allow me to serve you.

For more information:

PO BOX 4794
(206) 641-7654