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King County Elections

King County Elections
919 S.W. Grady Way
Renton, WA 98057-2906

206-296-VOTE (8683)
TTY: Relay: 711
FAX: 206-296-0108

Weekdays 8:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.

Ballot return statistics

August 4, 2015 Primary And Special Election

Daily return statistics are posted at 8:00 PM

This information is a snapshot in time, subject to change, and is intended to provide an unofficial indication of returns. Ballots, once returned, proceed toward counting only after the voter's signature has been verified (as required by law).

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Last updated: July 30, 2015 8:00 PM

Cumulative total

DistrictActive registered voters
as of July 21, 2015
Ballots returnedBallots ready for counting
All districts 1,184,188141,510137,737

Last updated: July 30, 2015 8:00 PM

By district

DistrictActive registered voters
as of July 21, 2015
Ballots returnedBallots ready for counting
Legislative District No. 30 63,6687,3297,020
King County 1,184,188141,510137,737
Port of Seattle 1,184,188141,510137,737
City of Bellevue 73,0969,1948,904
City of Bothell 14,9001,9441,894
City of Carnation 1,037137135
City of Federal Way 42,5565,1104,875
City of Issaquah 19,7462,5182,447
City of Kirkland 52,1575,9075,755
City of Kent 56,3776,1476,009
City of Mercer Island 17,3892,9652,898
City of North Bend 4,014519511
City of Redmond 28,0854,1934,032
City of Renton 48,9084,9234,794
City of Seattle 414,35952,15250,792
Seattle Council Dst 1 60,4946,9206,794
Seattle Council Dst 2 49,4565,4605,288
Seattle Council Dst 3 62,7909,7929,531
Seattle Council Dst 4 54,2186,7216,582
Seattle Council Dst 5 57,9776,7616,591
Seattle Council Dst 6 67,5928,3708,062
Seattle Council Dst 7 61,8328,1287,944
City of Shoreline 35,5894,8094,706
City of Seatac 11,9181,5251,483
Seattle School District No. 1 414,70152,19250,831
Mercer Island School District No. 400 17,3892,9652,898
Northshore School District No. 417 50,8935,7745,639
Shoreline Fire Department 35,5894,8094,706
South King Fire And Rescue 72,7408,7558,429
King County Fire Protection District 50 3248683
Covington Water District 32,7923,1773,111
Southwest Suburban Sewer District 34,6854,4104,274
Lakehaven Utility District 61,4887,2566,949
Public Hospital District No. 1 155,04516,44916,053
Public Hospital District No. 4 26,2472,5012,447

Voter IDs of all ballots returned

Due to the large file size, the list of voter IDs is divided into two files. Download both files to get the complete list of voter IDs of all ballots received.

How to download a voter ID file:
1) Choose the file you wish to download from one of the menu choices above
2) Click on "Download Text File". May take a few seconds...
3) When the file download box appears, click "Save"
4) Type a name for the file with a ".txt" at the end (e.g. RegistrationFile1.txt)
5) Click on "Save"