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Jim Griggs

Jim Griggs

PO Box 5801

Kent, WA 98064

(253) 630-2368

Education: Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration, Accounting Major, University of Washington
Occupation: Certified Public Accountant (CPA), Washington State; Commander, U.S. Navy (Retired)

In 2011, Valley Medical Center entered into an alliance agreement with UW Medicine. Some say it’s a bad deal, some say it’s a good deal for Valley. I say, it’s been 9 years, there’s data available. Let’s analyze it, evaluate the results of operations under the alliance, so we can make informed decisions about the future of Valley Medical Center and the Alliance.


Elect me as your Hospital Commissioner and I will only make informed decisions based on facts and data, any decision I make will be in the best interest of our Valley community. I’ll fight to ensure control of Valley resides with the elected Commissioners. You and I pay taxes to Valley, I’ll ensure our tax dollars are spent here, in the district, to benefit our community and residents. I’ll ensure Valley provides high quality, affordable health care while remaining financially viable.


My leadership and management skills developed over 34 years with the State Auditor’s Office, plus my 30+ years (active & reserve) military service, including a tour of duty in Iraq, make me the most uniquely qualified candidate to provide the oversight and leadership necessary to ensure Valley is accountable to the citizens.


I’ll be your watchdog, like I was for the State Auditors’ Office. I’ll be your eyes and ears to provide the management oversight needed to ensure Valley is managed and operated as efficiently and effectively as possible.


My family have lived in the district for 34 years, my daughter was born at Valley, my family doctors are at Valley. Valley is an important community resource; we need to protect and ensure it benefits our community- the community that supports it with our tax dollars.


Elect me as your representative on the Board of Commissioners. I’d appreciate your vote! Thank you.

Anab Abdi

Anab Abdi

PO Box 40621

Bellevue, WA 98015

(425) 954-7466

Education: Bachelor’s Degree, Ohio State University; Master’s Degree, California State University, San Bernardino.
Occupation: Doctor of Nursing Student, Family Nurse Practitioner Program, Seattle University.

When Commissioner Chris Monson, M.D. resigned from the hospital commission, the other commissioners replaced him with someone who opposed his views. I am running because I believe the last two years of Dr. Monson’s term should be filled by someone who has similar views as Dr. Monson.


The reason you elected Dr. Monson in 2015 was very clear – you wanted to return control of Valley Medical Center to the five Commissioners you elect rather than eight Trustees appointed by UW Medicine. Unfortunately, Jim Griggs who was appointed to replace Dr. Monson apparently does not support returning control of Valley to Commissioners elected by you.


This election gives you the opportunity correct a wrong and replace Griggs with someone like Dr. Monson who wants to return control of Valley to elected Commissioners. Why is this important? Because the appointed Trustees supported selling more bonds resulting in more property taxes for you to pay off $50 million in new bonds plus millions more in interest.


As your commissioner I have three priorities – returning control of Valley to elected commissioners; reducing the pay of overpriced executives; and improving medical care. Why is Valley’s CEO Rich Roodman paid over $1 million dollars a year – about the same amount as the head of Harborview and UW Hospital combined! I support reducing the pay of Roodman and other overpaid executives and hiring more nursing staff that contribute to providing the best medical care possible for all our patients and their families.


If you elect me as your commissioner, I will ask the legislature to allow you the voters to decide if Valley should be controlled by a board appointed by UW Medicine or by a board elected by YOU the voters. Your vote matters to me and I hope I have earned it.

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