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Northshore School District No. 417

Director District No. 5

Amy Cast

Amy Cast

17700 NE 136TH ST


Education: BS Business Management from Binghamton University, Binghamton NY
Occupation: Owner of a website design firm, and leadership consultant

Since I began serving you on the Northshore School Board eight years ago, I’ve dedicated myself to continuously improving our schools, making us one of the highest performing districts in the state. As we recover from the pandemic and its impacts on our children and community, I’m committed to passionately putting my experience to work for all kids.

Now more than ever, I’m focused on finding new resources, partnerships and programs to create exceptional outcomes for students. I work collaboratively and effectively to find solutions, improve instruction, advance educational equity, update our buildings, carefully manage our resources, and build a culture where everyone in our schools feels seen, heard and valued.  My focus is on the whole child, and I’ll sustain the growth in mental health supports and programs.

My perseverance in the face of tough challenges was critical to safely reopening schools and supporting student recovery. Perseverance remains essential as we move forward. I will continue to help our schools evolve as we prepare our students for their future. It is my commitment that together we will not only recover from this difficult time, but thrive.

Endorsements: 1st LD, 45th LD, 46th LD Democrats, King County Democrats, Northshore teachers.

Amy Felt

Amy Felt

17530 214TH AVE NE


(425) 243-3005

Education: Bachelor’s - Business Administration, University of Washington; Juris Doctorate, University of Idaho School of Law
Occupation: Attorney - Felt Law

I spent the last year and a half in the trenches of “zoom school” right along with you. I sat at the kitchen table with my kids during the school day, trying to run my small business while keeping them on task. I watched them suffer academic, social, and emotional setbacks. I witnessed tiny fissures in the trust between families, teachers, and NSD administrators split wide open. 


Good administrators sit down with families and teachers to solve impossible problems. They communicate honestly and openly. They lead without being flattened by squeaky wheels or cowed by special interests.


During my time as an assistant state attorney general, I acted as the child’s advocate in emotionally heated custody disputes. Children were often overlooked when the adults started fighting—my job was to remind everyone that the child was the most important person in the room. 


None of the current school board members have a student attending district schools. I will bring that parent voice to the board. I will demand measurable outcomes. I will put students first. If you want to see change in Northshore, I need your vote. Vote Amy Felt.


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TTY: Relay 711

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