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Northshore School District No. 417

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Sandy R. Hayes

Sandy R. Hayes

13147 NE 145TH PL


(425) 892-4080

Education: Bachelor of Arts, University of Washington, 1991, Juris Doctor, University of Washington, 1994
Occupation: I have a restorative justice practice.

In my 12 years on the Northshore School Board, the last year and a half have been so heart-breaking.  Covid-19 caused loss of lives and jobs, and damaged mental health and relationships.  We have much work to do to repair and heal.  Our schools have a prominent role in that and we have learned that education can change and innovate.  We need sound leadership to rethink the how, what and most especially the why of public education.  The world was changing before the pandemic and that change has only accelerated.  With your continued support, I will bring the voices of parents, students, and educators together to ensure our students are prepared for jobs that do not yet exist, in a world that will look dramatically different than what existed even a few years ago.  I believe that every one of our students can and should be a contributing member of our community and I want to be part of that conversation.

Endorsements -  1st, 45th and 46th District Democrats, King County Democrats, Mainstream Republicans of Washington, Northshore Education Association, Northshore Education Office Managers, Secretaries and Professional Technical Employees, Rep. April Berg, Rep. Davina Duerr, Rep. Gerry Pollet, Rep. Roger Goodman




Chris Roberdeau

Chris Roberdeau

PO BOX 2847

WOODINVILLE, WA 98072-2847

(425) 522-3362

Education: BS - Aeronautical Engineering, Air Force Academy; MS - Engineering, USC; MBA, Arizona State University
Occupation: PMO Director, Astronics Advanced Electronics Systems

The school board blames COVID, but it merely revealed their failures. Schools re-opened nationwide while we remained closed. Learning losses were dismissed, claiming ‘they didn’t learn as much as we hoped’ with no ‘summer recovery’ available. Pandemic aside, systemic issues persist: loyalty to special interests ignores parental authority and short/long term impact on student academic, social, and emotional needs; extravagant spending despite schools in disrepair; and failing literacy programs. 


As taxpayers, 56% of our property taxes supply NSD, growing >10% each year under the current board. Superintendent compensation increased from $277K to $460K--triple that of teachers. Meanwhile, academic achievement stayed flat while low-income student scores declined. I will bring fiscal accountability and demand measurable results, working within our means and closing the social divide. I will provide teachers with appropriate training to deploy consistent curricula. No more tolerating ‘teach your truth’ directives. I will require robust measurements to assess progress and ensure timely improvements.


As a recognized military, aerospace, and non-profit leader, I know effective and successful performance. Coming from a family of teachers and union leaders, I know effective educational administration. 


I’m endorsed by parents, teachers, students and union leaders and stand ready to lead and serve our district.


27 en-US Production

TTY: Relay 711

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