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Lake Washington School District No. 414

Director District No. 3

Leah Choi

Leah Choi

7120 149TH AVE NE


(425) 243-3459

Education: B.S. Chemistry/Molecular Biology, University of Denver; Ph.D. Candidate Biochemistry, University of California, San Diego
Occupation: Parent; Financial Planner, Nordstrom

In a rapidly changing world, students deserve a public education that will adapt and prepare them for success. This requires leaders who are committed to doing the work and driving educational progress.

Our schools must lead in educating students and communities on the critical issue of Earth’s climate. We are living with the consequences of human driven climate change, and we need to better prepare future generations for the challenge it poses.

I support the work to provide technical training for students who may choose non-traditional secondary education and will work to enhance and grow these opportunities, because not everyone learns the same way and there are many paths to success.

Finally, we need to consider implementing science-based recommendations like changing our school start times. Overwhelming evidence supports delaying school start times for adolescents. It’s time that we join the thousands of schools nationwide that have made this change and are reaping the benefits. My diverse background in education, science and business gives me a unique perspective to work collaboratively and achieve goals. It would be an honor to work for our community and I am grateful for your vote. Endorsed by: NWPC-WA and Democrats for Diversity and Inclusion

Cassandra Sage

Cassandra Sage

12113 NE 141ST STREET


(425) 426-3140

Education: Green River College, Western Washington University, University of Washington - Early Childhood Education
Occupation: Family Advisor, Seattle Children's Hospital

As legislative representative for the LWSD board of directors I advocate for students at the local, state and national level. My cross-district collaboration includes regular meetings with public health to support student wellness, safety and recovery.


The disruption to learning affected students in individual ways. We must evaluate them in a personalized manner to successfully address their needs. Further implementation of data driven, Multi-Tiered Systems of Support, considering the unique needs of students, will inform the development of a personalized plan that best allows kids to recover and advance.


Other priorities include increasing opportunity, equity and inclusion to ensure all students gain access to all school programs and activities. National and LWSD data indicate lower rates of success for children with special needs, students of color, kids living in poverty and English learners, to name a few. Additional communication methods need to be incorporated to increase awareness of and participation in extracurricular offerings as well as optional, supplemental, academic offerings.


A strong home to school collaboration, a tiered system to provide unique supports and the use of culturally relevant forms of communication increase student opportunity and inclusion, leading to more equitable results for all. Cassandra is Committed to Kids!

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