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Federal Way School District No. 210

Director District No. 1

Quentin Morris

Quentin Morris

30507 26TH AVE SW


(206) 852-9852

Education: BS, Mechanical Engineering, Seattle University 1984; MBA, George Washington University 1990
Occupation: Retired Boeing Executive; 41 years of service, growth and success

Federal Way students deserve better!  I will lead in moving the FWPS schools out of the bottom 10% of all schools in Washington State. Students deserve an education that prepares them for the world regardless the of the path they take after graduation.  I will fight for sound policy and fair administration, not politics and expediency, in shaping FWPS’ mission to educate.


Drawing upon my education and experience in business/fiscal leadership, I will bring a new and needed perspective to the Board.  I will be dedicating my time and attention as School Board Director to: 


Demanding and reinforcing transparency in the interests of the entire community of FWPS stakeholders, especially parents; Instituting a curriculum that reinforces the necessary life skills after high school:  Nurturing civically competent, functioning, independent, safe and literate students; and Establishing and promoting achievable and measurable FWPS goals.


I was raised in Federal Way, attending Totem and Thomas Jefferson. With my years of advanced education and service in the nation’s Capitol and around the world, I am ready to give back.

Tiffany LaFontaine

Tiffany LaFontaine

29727 3RD AVE S


(253) 202-4726

Education: Graduated South Kitsap High School, Early Childhood Ed Continuing Education Courses
Occupation: Lead Pre-K Teacher

As a parent of two currently in district, I’ve spent eight years working with and listening to students, parents, teachers and administrators in FWPS. I’m an active member of the community as a school PTSA president, Girl Scout troop leader, and member of the district’s Native American parent committee.

Returning from the pandemic should not be back to normal. Now is the time to reassess our systems and make changes where necessary to improve student outcomes and ensure they are prepared for life after high school. We need to hear different perspectives and listen to families who feel marginalized or ignored. 

We need curriculum flexibility that lets teachers teach while challenging students. We need to continue focusing on early childhood education and the foundational role it plays in student success, continue to build strong STEM programming, and offer better access to technology – computers, internet, and hot spots. We can’t improve if we don’t identify the issues and work to make change. I will ask uncomfortable questions and work with the board on solutions.

My campaign is endorsed by Mayor Jim Ferrell, Senator Claire Wilson, Rep. Jesse Johnson, Rep. Jamila Taylor, Educational Consultant Erin Jones, 30th District Dems and others.


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TTY: Relay 711

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