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Henry W. Sladek

PO Box 147

Skykomish WA 98288

(425) 293-1937

Education: Bachelor of Science, Accounting & Finance Central WA University
Occupation: Owner/Operator of the Cascadia Inn Skykomish, a cafe & hotel

I have served on the Town Council for about 12 years, prior to recently taking over as Mayor due to the vacancy left when our previous Mayor moved out of Town.  During my time on the Council, we have gone through a massive Environmental Cleanup with substantial infrastructure improvements and additions.  I believe the Town is now poised and will see significant growth pressure and related issues for development in the coming years.  For those reasons, I anticipate that the Town will need steady, consistent and experienced leadership to succeed in developing in the the way that our community expects.  I appreciate your support.

Steven L. Larner

Steven L. Larner

PO Box 114

Skykomish WA 98288

(425) 275-1855

Education: UC Berkeley
Occupation: Co owner of Sky Deli & Pizza

After 13 years of being employed by the town of Skykomish as utilitiy superintendent, I believe I have a very unique insight as to the issues that face the town on a daily basis. Serving under 4 different mayor's, I've seen the challenges that have been faced and the different approaches taken to achieve the end goal.


The town of Skykomish is at a tipping point where housing is being sought out for short term rentals. This does not have the greatest impact on our rich history and our school will suffer if we do not act now.


I believe in enforcing our ordinances already on the books and having a plan on how to enforce new ordinces before they are inacted.


17 en-US Production

TTY: Relay 711

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