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Council Position 5

Neal Black

Neal Black

PO Box 822

Kirkland, WA 98083

(425) 216-3678

Education: JD, Georgetown University; BS in Civil Engineering, Stanford University
Occupation: Attorney, Partner at Adkins Black LLP; Houghton Community Councilmember

I am a leader who brings people together, listens to all sides, and emphasizes evidence-based decision-making.


I will work with you to preserve those aspects of Kirkland’s natural and built environment that make it our region’s most livable city. I will thoughtfully plan for sustainable growth that reflects a healthy balance between single-family homes, multi-family residences, small businesses, global enterprises, and educational institutions. I will prioritize creation of a greater mix of housing types around safe and walkable neighborhood centers. I will work to reduce congestion by encouraging diverse transportation options that are greener and more efficient. I will advocate for an inclusive community that welcomes everyone and serves everyone equitably. I would be honored to have your vote.


Select Endorsements: Tom Neir (City Council); Claudia Balducci (County Council); State Senators Mankha Dinghra, Patty Kuderer; State Representatives Roger Goodman, Shelley Kloba, Amy Walen; and other Kirkland community leaders and organizations.

Martin Morgan

Martin Morgan

PO Box 2181

Kirkland, WA 98083

(425) 443-1988

Education: US Navy, ranked top in my class continued on to receive several medals and accommodations.
Occupation: Local Contractor/Business owner, including services for Seniors and Veterans

A Fresh Eye, A New Voice for Our Community …

Kirkland citizens need a representative who will listen to their concerns and visions for the City. I will be your voice on the city council. A resident of Kirkland for over 40 years, working in and for the community is important to me.  I am active in my neighborhood association, the current neighborhood  board VP, and a contributor to the neighborhood comprehensive plans.

Having persevered through city issues as a private citizen, I am committed to open, transparent government and restoring integrity in our city officials.  An ideal quality of life should be expected by all where citizens are respected, neighborhood character is preserved, and businesses succeed.  I believe common sense and fiscal responsibility are also imperative for a healthy community. It would be an honor to be your fair and just representative on Kirkland’s city council … Let’s talk!

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TTY: Relay 711

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