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Proposed Public Hospital District No. 5

Commissioner Position No. 5

Bonny S. Olney

Bonny S. Olney

12800 SW 248th St

Vashon, WA 98070

Education: Doctorate in Osteopathic Medicine 1993 with residency completed in Family Practice 1996
Occupation: Family Practice Physician and Physician Advisor for Level Of Care

As a physician and a resident of Vashon, I am concerned about the unmet medical needs of some of the most vulnerable members of the community.  We currently lack urgent care services and specialty services for those with chronic illnesses. If a hospital district is to serve these needs it will need to be managed carefully to ensure that resources are utilized appropriately. 


I practiced family medicine for 20 years and currently work for a revenue cycle management company with managerial responsibilities. I am also volunteering with the Vashon Medical Reserve Corp. I understand corporate processes and have some experience navigating governmental and commercial payers as well as medical industry collaboration. 


I am willing and capable to assist in the formation and organization of this hospital district to help ensure that it provides the medical care that is needed on Vashon. 

Tom Langland

Tom Langland

12003 SW 204th St

Vashon, WA 98070

(206) 463-3717

Education: K-12; Vashon Public Schools. BS Pharmacy; University of Washington, 1976
Occupation: Pharmacist; Vashon Pharmacy, 1976-2017. Owner/pharmacist, 1992-2017

We have neighbors, on our ferry-dependent island, who rely almost entirely on our local healthcare providers. Seniors, single parent families, the chronically ill, the disabled, and the working poor will all likely lose access to practical healthcare if the proposed hospital district is rejected. Nobody wants to pay more tax than necessary, but the very quality of life for our community depends on approval of this measure.


I listened and learned about the healthcare needs of Vashon's citizens during my 40 year career as a pharmacist and owner of Vashon Pharmacy. Every day, people told me of their priorities, needs, and sometimes frustrations with the delivery of healthcare on the Island. It became clear that many people would have to leave Vashon without our existing providers. I'm retired now, and ready to help preserve and improve Vashon's health care experiences for my neighbors.

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