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Soos Creek Water & Sewer District

Commissioner Position 2

Logan K. Wallace

Logan K. Wallace

21004 126th Ave SE

Kent, WA 98031

Education: Master of Science, Civil Engineering, University of Washington. Washington State Licensed Professional Engineer
Occupation: Senior Project Engineer, Water Utility District

Thanks to your support Logan was the leading candidate in the Primary Election. A Professional Engineer with over a decade of experience in the civil engineering field, including his current position as the Senior Engineer at a neighboring water utility, Logan has the skills, background, and experience to make informed, strategic decisions for the District.


Logan has a proven track record of effective and engaging leadership. A Navy veteran, he served on submarines out of Bangor, WA. As the former Chief of Cost Engineering at the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Seattle District, Logan has a keen eye for cost management and fiscal planning.


Logan and his wife Alisha enjoy raising their two children in the Kent community, where they’ve lived for over 15 years. You can often find them exploring the Soos creek trail with their dog Apollo. 

Logan looks forward to bringing his experience, honesty, and sound judgement to the Board of Commissioners. He is extremely proud of his career in public service, both in the military and as a civilian. He is committed to continuing to serve the community by prioritizing exceptional customer service at affordable rates. He would be honored to serve as your next Commissioner.

Alan Eades

Alan Eades

22828 SE Lake Wilderness Dr S

Maple Valley, WA 98038

(425) 433-1079

Education: Associate in Arts Degree; Water Distribution Manager Certification; Wastewater Collection Systems Certification; numerous additional certifications
Occupation: Semi-retired; former Operations Manager, Soos Creek Water and Sewer District.

With nearly 30 years’ hands-on experience at Soos Creek Water and Sewer District, including 14 years as the Operations Manager, and currently serving as your elected commissioner, Alan has extensive knowledge and experience in all aspects of both the water and sewer sides of the utility industry.


As commissioner, Alan is adamantly opposing franchise fees, or utility taxes, from being imposed on Soos Creek ratepayers by any city or King County.  In contrast, the water district where his opponent works has agreed to pay a 6% franchise fee to the city.  Alan has the time and energy necessary to fight to keep the District’s water rates some of the lowest in the area. 


With each decision as commissioner, the needs of the District are carefully considered and balanced with the impact on ratepayers and the environment. Alan is committed to ensuring water quality and safety, system reliability, and customer service for the people in the District. Alan looks forward to continuing his service to the public as commissioner and would appreciate your vote.


Endorsements: City of Maple Valley Mayor Sean Kelly, Commissioner Patrick Hanis, Commissioner Gary Cline, additional commissioners, community leaders, colleagues, others who know and trust Alan. See


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