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Public Hospital District No. 1

Commissioner District No. 2

Jim Griggs

Jim Griggs

23607 137TH AVE SE

KENT, WA 98042

Education: Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration, Accounting Major, University of Washington
Occupation: Certified Public Accountant, Licensed Washington State; Commander, U.S. Navy (Retired)

Elected to the Board of Commissioners in 2019; gaining the confidence of fellow commissioners I’m currently President of the Board of Commissioners and Chair the Finance & Audit Committee.

Re-Elect me as your Hospital Commissioner. I promise to continue making informed decisions based on facts and data. Any decision I make will be in the best interest of our Valley community.  I’ll ensure Valley provides high quality, affordable health care to our community while remaining financially viable.   Any decision I make will be in the best interest of our Valley community.

I’ll fight to ensure control of Valley remains local, through the elected Commissioners.  I’ll ensure our tax dollars are spent here, in the district, to benefit our community.

My leadership and management skills developed over 34 years with the Washington State Auditor’s Office, plus my 30 years (active & reserve) military service make me the most uniquely qualified candidate to provide the oversight and leadership needed to ensure Valley is accountable to the citizens. I’ll be your watchdog, like I was for the State Auditors’ Office.  I’ll be your eyes and ears to provide the management oversight needed to ensure Valley is managed and operated as efficiently and effectively as possible while providing high quality healthcare to our community. I’ve lived in the district 30+ years, my daughter was born at Valley, my family doctors are at Valley.  Valley is an important community resource; let’s protect and ensure it benefits our community, the community that supports it with our tax dollars.

I’ve served the nation in the military, including a tour of duty in Iraq, I’ve served the State as an Auditor, let me continue serving you as your elected Hospital Commissioner.  Re-Elect me as your representative to the Valley Board of Commissioners.  Together, we can move Valley forward.   

Dustin Lambro

Dustin Lambro

102 S 49TH PL # B

RENTON, WA 98055

Education: Bachelor's in Politics, Whitman College; extensive training/certification in mediation and negotiations
Occupation: President, King County Labor Council, worker advocate and community leader

My family has lived in Renton since the 1890s. I live in the Talbot Hill neighborhood just south of Valley Medical Center. As a first time candidate, I am running for office this year for two main reasons: to restore local control of Valley to the taxpayers and to be a voice on the Commission for frontline hospital workers and their patients.


Elected commissioners of our Public Hospital District gave up local control on issues that affect our community like patient care, staffing and taxing authority. They ceded that power to UW Medicine way back in 2011. This election is about whether we restore local control to the taxpayers, or we don't. It may very well require changing state law, and I am the only candidate in this race who has the proven track record and experience to mount a campaign to go get that done.


I am proud to be endorsed by the King County Democrats and leaders who know me and my work like Attorney General Bob Ferguson, Congressman Adam Smith, and many other leaders throughout South King County (see my website for a comprehensive list). Most importantly, I am proud to have earned the support of SEIU 1199NW, the Union of nurses and health care professionals at Valley. During the middle of the pandemic this last year, the hospital suspended retirement contributions for workers at Valley. Bad decisions like that jeopardize quality patient care, and frontline workers know that would not happen on my watch. 


Ultimately, here is my pledge to you: if I am unable to restore local control of our hospital to the voters, then I won’t seek another term. It’s that simple. Valley Medical Center is a great institution with fantastic people, and with your help I know we will make it even better!


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