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Public Hospital District No. 1

Commissioner Position No. 4

Monique Taylor-Swan

Monique Taylor-Swan

PO. BOX 60062

RENTON, WA 98058

(206) 450-8664

Education: Health Training Institute, Highline College
Occupation: Certified Home Care Aide, Board Member Caregivers Union SEIU 775

My kids were born at Valley and I care deeply about the future of Valley. Seeing the way our district has changed because of UW Medicine and COVID-19 trouble me because our residents are not receiving the respect they deserve. As a board member of SEIU 775 that represents thousands of home health care workers across Washington, I know first-hand how proper staffing means better patient care.

As your Hospital district 1 commissioner, I will work hard to represent and advocate for the residents of Hospital district 1. As a member of the community, I believe in teamwork - it takes to make a community health and prosperous, just as quality healthcare requires. We need administration that supports and provides quality o care.

As your commissioner, my priorities are for everyone who lives and works in our communities to have access to the best health care available, returning control of Valley back to the elected commissioners, reducing the pay of overpriced executives and using the savings to increase pay for nurses and staff.

As a member of the Renton Inclusion Task Force I am committed to ensuring that Valley has a diverse workforce and treats all residents fairly. We should conduct a comprehensive analysis using an inclusion and equity lens. Ongoing training workshops on culturally competent care is the key. Working together we can bring improvements to Valley for the people in this district. I have a passion to fight for a just and fair society and I want to set an example for other hospitals in the region.

If you elect me as your commissioner, I will bring the vote back to the community and let the people decide for themselves how their care should be. Your vote matters and I hope I’ve earned it.

Katie Bachand

Katie Bachand

14021 SE 201ST STREET

KENT, WA 98042

(253) 332-5913

Education: College Grad with Doula training from Seattle Midwifery School and Bastyr University
Occupation: Birth and Postpartum Doula

I would like to represent you as your Hospital Commissioner!

Control of Valley Medical Center was taken away from your elected Commissioners and given to appointed Trustees controlled by UW Medicine. These Trustees lack accountability and have a track record of raising salaries at the top and reducing salaries of hospital staff. I want to stop the Trustees from taking your property taxes to fund whatever they deem to be necessary expenditures, including the salary of the CEO, without a vote from the Board of Commissioners! The dedicated doctors, nurses, and supporting staff should be compensated fairly for the life-giving work they do.

One goal as your Hospital Commissioner is to return control of our Hospital District to the voters who support Valley Medical Center with their tax dollars. I am a health care professional and care deeply about our patients and want the best possible health care for all in our Hospital District. I have had medical emergencies and Valley’s exceptional medical staff saved my life and have also helped members of my own family.

My husband and I have lived in Kent since 1986, where we have raised our 5 children, dogs, cats, and chickens. Our children attended Kent public schools. We are active in our church and in community groups. Working as a Birth and Postpartum Doula since 1983, I have assisted many clients giving birth at Valley’s Birth Center. Valley is one of only eight hospitals in Washington that is an accredited “Baby-Friendly Hospital," which is what new parents are looking for when choosing where to birth their babies!

Valley is an important community asset supported through your property taxes. We need to ensure it has active oversight to benefit our community and the health care professionals who work there. I appreciate your vote!

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TTY: Relay 711

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