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Nikkita Oliver

Nikkita Oliver



(206) 712-2778

Education: BA, Seattle Pacific University; JD, UW School of Law; M. Ed, UW College of Education
Occupation: Non-Profit Executive Director; Attorney; Adjunct Professor; Community Organizer; Writer

In the last year, Seattle has had a reckoning with racial inequality, a battle with a devastating pandemic, and is facing a climate catastrophe. Will we continue to rely on policies of the past -- many of which brought us to this point -- or is it time for a fresh perspective rooted in community care? 


We deserve policy solutions that are commensurate with the crises we are facing. As an attorney who has supported clients through school exclusion, eviction, and anti-discrimination cases and as a community organizer, Nikkita Oliver (they/them) understands that the transformative solutions we need come from those most impacted by these crises.


A vote for Nikkita is a vote for a city that embodies racial and economic justice. A city with labor protections for freelancers, and prevailing wages and healthcare for workers. A city that enacts progressive revenue to build housing for all and meet the basic needs of residents. A city that takes bold action to address the climate crisis; including working towards free transit, reforming zoning codes that restrict our supply of affordable housing and a Seattle Green New Deal with a just transition. A city with a public health and safety system that provides quality care and support for everyone.


Together, we can build the city we say we are - a city where all are welcome and none are excluded. 


The Nikkita for Nine campaign is endorsed by the MLK Labor Council; The Stranger; The Urbanist; Sunrise Movement Seattle; Seattle Education Association; UFCW 21; SEIU 6; SEIU 925; SEIU 1199NW; Unite HERE! Local 8; 11th LD Democrats; Seattle City Councilmembers Tammy Morales and Teresa Mosqueda and former Councilmember Mike O’Brien; King County Councilmember Girmay Zahilay and former Councilmember Larry Gossett; Washington State Representative Kirsten Harris-Talley; and Washington State Senator Rebecca Saldaña.

Sara Nelson

Sara Nelson

PO BOX 27113


(206) 910-8762

Education: BA in Political Science, University of California; PhD in Cultural Anthropology, University of Washington
Occupation: Co-Founder/Owner, Fremont Brewing

Seattle, I love you, but we need to talk. This is one of the most beautiful and vibrant cities in the world, but City Council’s mismanagement is making it unlivable for many residents. From the housing and homelessness crises to public safety and other basic services, the City hasn’t delivered and our most vulnerable have been left behind. It’s time for a City Council that keeps its promises!


As your Councilmember, I will focus on: 1) Addressing Our Homelessness Crisis through successful policies other cities have implemented to provide housing and mental health and addiction services; 2) Delivering Basic Services like safe, clean public spaces and well-maintained bridges; and 3) Reforming the Police while Keeping Communities Safe. I support community-driven police reform measures but I do not support abolishing the police. Everyone should be able to count on a fast, fair, and effective response when they call 911.


I am the best candidate to deliver an equitable recovery as we emerge from this pandemic. I co-founded Fremont Brewing, a neighborhood business known for doing the right thing – for our employees, our community, and the environment. As a former Council Aide, I helped pass landmark legislation on recycling, increased public transportation, and added affordable housing. I’ll bring the same balanced, pragmatic approach to City Council.


Voters have a clear choice this election to get Seattle back on track. It starts with electing the City Council candidate who will be held accountable for measurable results. We can make Seattle a safe and livable city – for everyone!


Endorsements include: Seattle Fire Fighters Union; Seattle Times; Building and Construction Trades Unions; Ironworkers; Plumbers and Pipefitters; Sen. Reuven Carlyle (D); Former Rep. Gael Tarleton (D); police reform leaders Rev. Harriett Walden and Victoria Beach; Denis Hayes and other environmental leaders; and more.

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TTY: Relay 711

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