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Council Position No. 7

Dan Becker

Dan Becker

8005 NE 28TH ST

MEDINA, WA 98039

Education: BS in Construction Management
Occupation: Capital Projects Construction Project Manager

My wife and I have lived and raised our family in Medina for over 35 years and enjoy the unique character of our city. I want to promote this quality for future generations; for that reason, I am asking for your support and vote.


Working with public agencies in the region for over 30 years and over 11 years of service to Medina, I will bring a balanced approach as we develop priorities working through responsible budgets, update our Comprehensive Plan and more. When I left the Council in 2003, Medina had a healthy fiscal reserve even after eliminating utility taxes.  We are now paying utility taxes and levy to balance our budget.


As I have in the past, I look forward to input from citizens, the Council, and city staff as we work collaboratively to set the future direction of Medina as I advocate for responsive and responsible government.

Randy Reeves

Randy Reeves

PO BOX 326

MEDINA, WA 98039

(206) 947-9979

Education: Bachelor of Arts, English Literature, University of Washington
Occupation: Real estate since 1984, Medina Planning Commission since 2013

Along with my wife, two kids, and dogs, I appreciate everything that makes our city special, including our St. Thomas School community. Regional change will demand hard work to maintain Medina’s character, livability and beauty.


I strongly support our police and first responders. Funding for public safety and essential services must be maintained through fiscal prudence and discipline. We can achieve real progress to make Medina an even better place for generations to come. As a Planning Commissioner (two terms as Chairperson) I have a reputation for thoughtful, transparent, and collaborative solutions. Updating our Comprehensive Plan is just the beginning. Let’s make smart investments in shared priorities. Create incentives for green building practices. Underground utilities. Mitigate noise. Strengthen Emergency Preparedness. Protect and enhance our parks and historical buildings. 


Endorsed by all current Planning Commissioners and City Council members including our Mayor and Deputy Mayor. I respectfully ask for your vote. 

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