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Dan Strauss

Dan Strauss

P.O.Box 27779

Seattle, WA 98165

(206) 569-8775

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I’m Dan Strauss and I was born and raised in Ballard. I’m running for City Council to ensure all residents and small businesses of District 6 are heard. I understand the challenges we’re facing, and I will be an advocate for everyone in this community, whether you’ve been here one year or forty.


I’ve dedicated my life to public service. I served with AmeriCorps in low-income communities across America, working on projects from disaster relief to after-school programs.


I helped craft the Extreme Risk Protection Order gun responsibility bill in Olympia, and when it failed to pass, I went to work on the successful initiative campaign. On council, I’ll implement gun violence prevention by investing in community-based programs interrupting violence.


I have nearly a decade of legislative experience and I know how to make change happen. As a chief policy advisor, I bring governments, organizations, and communities together to solve problems. I have coordinated with the state, county, city, and local groups to fund transportation projects, develop green building codes, and improve our parks.


Homelessness: I’ll prioritize policies that get people experiencing homelessness into four walls and a door that locks, with the services needed to address chemical dependency and mental health. I’ll use relationships I’ve built collaborating across governments to ensure our regional partners do their part.  


Housing Affordability: I am a renter. My parents are homeowners in the district. I understand the housing pressures facing all residents. I’ll ensure longtime residents aren't pushed out of our community while creating affordable homes for families and new residents.


Transportation: We can’t wait for light rail - our community needs better transit now. I’ll bring reliable transit to our district, create dedicated bus lanes that freight can use, and connect our protected bike lanes so everyone is safe and separated.


Affordable Childcare: It’s wrong that childcare in Seattle costs more than UW tuition. I’ll push for more access to high-quality childcare everyone can afford.


Representation: I’ll listen to you, follow through for you, help you navigate city bureaucracy, and open a district office so you don’t have to come downtown to be heard.


I have deep roots in our community and am endorsed by The Stranger, SEIU 1199NW, UFCW 21, King County Democrats, Alliance for Gun Responsibility, FUSE Progressive Voters Guide, Councilmember Bagshaw, former State Rep. Jessyn Farrell, and many more community members. I ask for your support and your vote.

Heidi Wills

Heidi Wills

P.O. Box 23125

Seattle, WA 98102

(206) 472-7832

Education: Section not used by City of Seattle candidates
Occupation: Section not used by City of Seattle candidates

I’ll be your advocate at City Hall. For residents and small businesses who want safe neighborhoods. For seniors who built Seattle and are being priced out of their homes. For children who deserve clean parks and open community centers.


Experience matters. I’m a youth advocate who’s run a non-profit serving children in South Seattle for 13 years. I own a small business in Seattle employing 65 people. I was the youngest person ever elected to the City Council 20 years ago, and I’ve had a lot of life experience since then.


My husband and I have been raising two children in District 6 for 16 years. I understand the challenges facing our community because I’ve lived them.


As a former Councilmember, I have a proven track record of effective, collaborative leadership. I expanded rate assistance for low-income communities, improved transit, led investment in renewables and provided more affordable housing and human services. I have the experience needed to hit the ground running on day one.


I’m running to create a more affordable, equitable, safe, and sustainable city.


Improving public safety: We need to address vacancies stretching the police department too thin, a lack of diversion programs, and prosecute repeat offenders.


Addressing homelessness: Our city can no longer condone people sleeping in unsanctioned tents in our parks. It’s a public health crisis. We need to engage regional partners to coordinate services and address the root causes of homelessness. We need short-term solutions like modular homes and long-term solutions of permanent, supportive housing including mental health and drug treatment on demand.


Transportation and climate protection: As a lifelong environmental champion, I’ll bring bold leadership to reduce our carbon footprint and address the impacts of climate change in communities most affected. We need transportation choices to improve mobility and more affordable housing in our urban centers.


Housing affordability and basic services: We need housing of all shapes and sizes for people of all incomes with improved infrastructure and parks.


Endorsed by: Sierra Club, Seattle Times, Seattle Firefighters Local 27, 46th District Democrats, Humane Voters of WA, IBEW Local 77, Sailors’ Union of the Pacific, Attorney General Bob Ferguson, Former U.S. Congressman Jim McDermott, Former Gov. Gary Locke, King County Executive Dow Constantine, Former King County Executive Ron Sims, Lands Commissioner Hilary Franz, Port Commissioner Peter Steinbrueck, 43rd State Senator Jamie Pedersen, 36th State Rep. Gael Tarleton, 46th State Rep. Javier Valdez and more. 

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