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Municipal Court Judge Position No. 2

Anthony David Gipe

Anthony David Gipe

349 16TH AVE. E. #60


(206) 657-7356

Education: University of Washington School of Law
Occupation: Judge

Anthony Gipe is an experienced judge with eight years experience (full time and as a pro tem judge) and 20 years as an accomplished trial attorney.  


Anthony has dedicated his career to serving others and to justice for all. Anthony has worked on legal issues for the disabled, homeless children, immigrant families, and other civil rights issues.  Anthony is a Past President of the Washington State Bar Association, leading over 35,000 attorneys in the state, and he helped found three minority bar associations.


Anthony is currently a member of the State Supreme Court's Minority & Justice Commission, and is a board member of the Artists Trust, which supports artists in Washington state.


Anthony has been rated as  “Exceptionally Well Qualified” to be a trial judge by numerous bar associations, including the Joint Asian Bar Association, Qlaw, Latino/a Bar Association, Washington Women Lawyers, Loren Miller Bar Association, and the King County Bar Association. Anthony was raised in southwest Washington.  Before becoming and attorney, Anthony was a Navy veteran, serving as an interpreter and intelligence analyst, and he served in the Gulf War.

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TTY: Relay 711

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