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Jim Ferrell

Jim Ferrell

P.O. BOX 4991


(253) 569-4482

Education: University of Washington - Bachelor of Arts; Gonzaga University - Law Degree
Occupation: Federal Way Mayor; former King County Senior Deputy Prosecutor

Leading Federal Way through the pandemic, we succeeded as a community by promoting local small businesses, following public health recommendations, and delivering services to those most in need. Now, we are uniting around economic recovery that restores our city’s path to prosperity for all.


As your Mayor, my priorities include: Investing in working families; protecting our environment; and providing strong public safety and reducing crime while creating a more equitable and just community. Working regionally, we’re making progress on homelessness, urgently moving people into shelter and housing.  With Light Rail on its way to Federal Way, we’re also enhancing parks, and taking bold action to develop our downtown.


Endorsed by: Congressman Adam Smith; Seven regional mayors; Five Federal Way Councilmembers; Washington Conservation Voters; Teamsters JC 28; King County Democrats; labor unions representing thousands of workers including firefighters, local police guild and essential workers. Together, let’s keep Federal Way moving forward!

Mark Greene

Mark Greene

P.O. BOX 25781

FEDERAL WAY, WA 98093-2781

(253) 838-1838

Education: Inver Hills College Graduate, Minnesota (Legal Asst. Program); U.S. Marine Corps Administrative Clerk School, California.
Occupation: Independent Legal Assistant; Hobbyist Blogger/Playwright/Poet; Volunteer Politician/Statesman.

F.W. unfortunately hired what looks like a “Critical Race Theorist” to meddle in F.W. government, but doing nothing to give school kids freedom from masks/vaccines if kids & parents so choose. If we vote right, government will learn its place, meaning they can advise on issues, but absent criminality, cannot vacate basic freedoms. Don’t fret over climate change, God spelled out His plan for Earth in Scripture, but instructed us to be stewards of Earth, we can do this without being doomsayers.


I strongly support our Police Force, and that means, among other things, not hindering them with kangaroo review boards, or unrealistic laws, e.g., 2021 state law.


Youth Base: With your open-mindedness, I need you to win. Please understand that with my mayoralty, you’ll be well represented. Elderly Base: Please realize that I’ll protect your interests and stand tall for our nation, city & citizens. I need your vote.

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TTY: Relay 711

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