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Kshama Sawant

Kshama Sawant

PO Box 85862

Seattle, WA 98145

(206) 486-0099

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What’s at stake this year is who runs Seattle – big business or working people. Last year, Jeff Bezos and the corporate elite bullied our city to defeat the Amazon Tax, which would have funded housing and services. Now they’re trying to buy this election, with an unprecedented $1.5 million piled up already in three corporate PACs. Meanwhile a dozen top Amazon executives, along with big developers and lobbyists, have given max donations to my CEO-anointed opponent.


This is a struggle for the soul of Seattle, with progressives and socialists on one side and corporate-bought candidates on the other. The Chamber of Commerce has gotten their chosen candidates into all seven City Council races. Their mission: take over City Hall and flip the Council to the right.


I’ve used my two terms to help build powerful movements of working people to win historic victories. I’m proud to have helped lead the way in making Seattle the first major city to win the $15 minimum wage, through a coalition with labor unions and community organizations. Since then, I've worked alongside movements to win tens of millions of dollars for affordable housing, and landmark renters’ rights laws, such as the move-in-fee payment plan, so renters no longer need thousands of dollars just to move in. We won Indigenous People’s Day, and crucial funding for LGBTQ services. We’re bringing back the Central District Post Office!


Seattle has become increasingly unaffordable for workers and people of color. The for-profit housing market has failed us. Our city has led in the number of construction cranes four years running, yet housing affordability remains among the nation’s worst.


We need rent control, free of corporate loopholes, and a massive expansion of social housing for working people, paid for by taxing big business and the wealthy, not workers, middle-class homeowners, or small businesses. Seattle needs a Green New Deal, to make our city 100% renewable by 2030, and create thousands of union jobs.


Seattle’s political establishment has failed to address the deep crisis of affordable housing and homelessness. That’s why we need you to join our movement. As a socialist, union member, and feminist, I’m proud to have the support of The Stranger, Sierra Club, The Urbanist, National Women's Political Caucus, Nick Licata, Cary Moon, Nikkita Oliver and Noam Chomsky, along with 15 labor unions representing workers in public schools, hotels, universities, the postal service, and healthcare.

Egan Orion

Egan Orion

1143 Martin Luther King Jr Way #33

Seattle, WA 98122

(206) 620-0404

Education: Section not used by City of Seattle candidates
Occupation: Section not used by City of Seattle candidates

It’s Time For A Fresh Start in City Hall. We need a new council member who welcomes input, shows up and listens, and gets results for all of us. I’ve always believed that when we take time to listen, celebrate the diversity of people and ideas, and focus on outcomes and not ideology, we can make real, positive change.


I’m proud of my experience building and managing Seattle’s single largest festival day, PrideFest, my active leadership in LGBTQ community and culture, and day-to-day work with our diverse, vibrant Capitol Hill businesses. On the City Council my door will always be open, and I’ll always put your needs first.


Expand All Types of Housing: Recent zoning changes promise much-needed affordable housing, but we need to do more. We also need options like duplexes, triplexes, and small multi-family buildings with single floor living for ADA accessibility and for seniors to age in place.


Build New Supportive Housing: We spend millions to assist the chronically homeless, but in high cost, temporary shelter. We need to focus on proven solutions like permanent supportive housing, and regional approaches to mental health and addiction that will result in better outcomes.


Real Help for Renters: Many renters are one financial emergency or rent increase away from eviction. Renters should have three month notice on any increases, and increases should be no more than 10% a year. We must provide financial assistance to bridge emergencies and robust legal support so renters can level the playing field with landlords in Seattle’s expensive and volatile housing market.


Expand Opportunity for New Small Business Owners: Because of systemic barriers, people of color, LGBTQ people, and women often have a harder time starting businesses—and lack advocacy in City Hall. I’ll build on my existing work to connect these neighbors to city services and the capital to start and maintain successful businesses.


Innovating to Combat Climate Change: Let’s expand our adoption of carbon reduction policies, from transportation electrification to flexible scheduling, and work with City Light so that Seattle becomes a leader on solar and wind energy. Let’s work with builders, architects and advanced material developers to provide opportunities and incentives for green building and remodeling.


I was raised by educators in a union household, and I’m the fourth generation of my family to call District 3 home. I’m endorsed by Seattle’s Firefighter Union, Seattle Times, Executive Dow Constantine, and more.

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