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Lisa Herbold

Lisa Herbold

2518 S. Brandon Ct.

Seattle, WA 98108

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Lisa Herbold demands accountability.


When City Hall wanted $1.4 million to bail out the bankrupt PRONTO bike-share company, Lisa said, “NO.” When powerful downtown business interests demanded a Center City Streetcar, already $143 million (100% in 4 years, before breaking ground) over budget, Lisa says “NO, let’s invest that money in real transportation projects.” Government will never have enough money for everything. We must pick the most important things and do them well. 


Bold steps to address our housing and homelessness crisis.


Lisa led the Council to pass $29 million for affordable housing, which, if done through the end of our Housing Levy, will dramatically increase our housing stock. We’ve also changed the law to require developers to increase truly affordable housing by 6,000 units. She’s worked with the West Seattle Helpline to help families and seniors pay their utility bills, stay in their homes, and prevent homelessness before it starts.


Lisa works hard for District 1.


No issue is too big or small for Lisa. She’s secured funding for more hours for Colman Pool, to increase bus service to Alki, Admiral, and Highland Park, restore police Community Service Officers, add 112 new police positions, and keep open the Concord Elementary Learning Center. She’s worked with the Port to limit noise and fuel emissions, passed new laws so SPD can better enforce against vehicle exhaust noise at Alki, passed legislation to fix-up derelict buildings in Delridge and South Park, and required enhanced oversight on big construction projects. She’s working with Sound Transit so light rail doesn’t tear apart the West Seattle Junction.


Lisa believes we all must have an opportunity to succeed. From better tenant laws, to Secure Scheduling for workers at large retail and food service establishments, to green jobs and career pathways to ensure everyone has a place to live and work. She’s gone to the mat for small businesses: in Luna Park and Fauntleroy to save parking, in the University District fighting business displacement, in the Central District to fund mitigation for businesses impacted by transportation projects.


Lisa’s the only candidate endorsed by KC, 34th and 11th District Democrats, MLK Labor Council, Alliance for Gun Responsibility, Emily’s List, The Stranger, Congresswoman Pramila Jayapal, KC Councilmember Joe McDermott, State Senator Joe Nguyen, and Councilmember Lorena González. 


She’s lived in District 1 for 19 years. Her daughter lives here; her grandchildren attend Sanislo Elementary and Chief Sealth High.



Phil Tavel

Phil Tavel

PO Box 20664

Seattle, WA 98102

(206) 949-8680

Education: Section not used by City of Seattle candidates
Occupation: Section not used by City of Seattle candidates

This race is about change. Changing the leadership of our City and changing the direction Seattle is going in.


Seattle can do better! Reducing homelessness, addressing mental health and substance abuse disorders, preventing crime, seeking more affordable housing and delivering better transportation solutions are my focus.


Four years ago we were talking about trying to solve these same problems. I’ve seen no improvement, and its unacceptable.


We must restore a common sense approach to government and focus on effectively, efficiently and equitably delivering services to the people of our City. I will make sure to only support those homeless service providers that can prove their programs are successful.


I am committed to our City Council listening to a majority of our citizens, not just a vocal minority.  I will bring transparency, accountability and fiscal responsibility to the Council so we know where our hard-earned taxpayer money is going and what we are getting for it.


We need to be working with the people and the businesses in our community and not against them.  We must join in a regional response to finding more effective ways to help the thousands of people in Seattle with untreated and undiagnosed mental health and substance abuse issues.  


I’m proud to be endorsed by the Seattle Times, the Pacific NW Carpenters, the Washington Technology and Industry Association, Westside Seattle, many other local and state organizations, and most importantly, by more than 100 West Seattle and South Park small businesses that form the heart and soul of our District 1 community.  They know that I will listen, that I am an everyday part of our community, and that I care deeply about making Seattle a better, safer and more productive city, for everyone. 


I’m a renter, a father of a second grader at Arbor Heights Elementary and a youth coach at West Seattle Bowl. I’ve been a business owner, a teacher, and a pro tem Judge. I’ve been a public defender and trial lawyer for 15 years.  I’m the Vice President of the Morgan Community Association, I sit on the Southwest Precinct Advisory Council, and I’m on the Board of Allied Arts and the Seattle Green Spaces Coalition. I’ve raised money for the West Seattle Helpline, the West Seattle Food Bank, the YMCA and Westside Baby.


It’s time for a change in Seattle’s leadership.


I ask you for your support and your vote. Thank you!

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