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City of Burien

Council Position No. 3

Jimmy Matta

Jimmy Matta

126 SW 148TH ST STE C100-PMB 447

BURIEN, WA 98166-1984

(206) 276-5678

Education: Ascend Seattle (University of Washington), Latino Business Action Network Program (Stanford Graduate School of Business)
Occupation: Founder and CEO of Ahora Construction, Burien, WA.

I am running for re-election to city council because our residents are dissatisfied with the situation in Burien and things must change. We are being confronted daily with individuals who need facilities that can treat their mental illness or addiction, to where they and all community members can feel safer.  


As importantly, Burien must do a better job promoting public safety and stopping property crimes so taxpayers receive the services they are paying for and should receive. While Burien has become one of the safest cities in King County, thanks to what we achieved together during my first term as mayor, public safety is an ongoing concern. 


I love serving my community, and if you re-elect me, my only pledge will be to serve you, the good people of Burien. Thank you for your vote to continue building a better Burien! 


Mark Dorsey

Mark Dorsey

PO BOX 48186

BURIEN, WA 98148

Education: Cerritos College
Occupation: Entrepreneur, Executive Mentor

My motivation to run for Burien City Council is based on my love for our city and a desire to bring to our City Council a higher EQ and common-sense approach. I am not seeking a higher office.

When strategizing how to best address our homeless and mental health opportunities, we need city council members that are going to thoroughly vet initiatives in the best interest of Burien citizens, proactively.

Burien is littered with trash and unscrupulous individuals. If we do not care for our streets and our city, then we are sending a message that we do not care, and therefore we are inadvertently welcoming this to our city. We must take-action to quell this misconception with urgency. Lastly, when we talk about police services, we need to let the quality of our police services lead the conversation, not the price. Price shopping our safety is not an option.

27 en-US Production

TTY: Relay 711

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