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Ruth Lipscomb

Ruth Lipscomb

11900 NE 1ST STREET, SUITE 300


(425) 331-9542

Education: Graduate of Oregon State University with BS in Computer Science, Class of 1983
Occupation: Retired, former Software Design Engineer at Microsoft

I see a very different Bellevue from when I started at Microsoft in the 1980’s, but one that still holds the promise of the things that my family wanted decades ago. To continue Bellevue’s success and opportunity, we need to rise to the challenges that our growing population and growing economy are creating.

This starts with our police, including prioritizing violent crime, bringing in mental health professionals when needed, and setting new accountability standards. We can’t rely on the status quo and wait for problems to arise before we act.

City Hall has procrastinated on homelessness; we need urgency to move the homeless indoors. We must increase housing affordability for residents at every stage of life. Too many seniors feel stuck because they can’t downsize and remain in the neighborhoods they call home. We need leadership, purpose, and action to avoid the problems of surrounding cities. We must not be timid. Bellevue, more than any city, has the deep expertise in innovation to lead our region.

Endorsed: King County Councilmember Claudia Balducci, Bellevue City Councilmembers Jeremy Barksdale, John Stokes, Janice Zahn, State Senators Lisa Wellman, Manka Dhingra, Patty Kuderer, State Representatives Tana Senn, Vandana Slatter, My-Linh Thai, and many more...

Jared Nieuwenhuis

Jared Nieuwenhuis

PO BOX 6653


(425) 270-1006

Education: Graduate Studies, Brown University; B.A., University of Wisconsin-Madison; Bellevue Essentials Program, City of Bellevue
Occupation: Deputy Mayor, City of Bellevue; Marketing Director, Kalypso Media Group

Four years ago, you elected me to cultivate “the Bellevue Way” – prioritizing transparency, compassion, and inclusivity for all – as we create consensus on decisions that protect our quality of life and reflect the values of our residents.

As Deputy Mayor, I’m proud of how the City Council responded to the challenges of COVID-19 while preserving our expanding influence as a hub for business and innovation, all while making equity a cornerstone of every decision we make.

I’ve rejected the extreme calls to defund our local police. Instead, I’ve increased public safety funding and training to ensure that police and firefighters are highly trained and resourced to keep all members of our community safe.

Among my highest priorities are to increase the supply of affordable housing in Bellevue and to build on the important work we started with Bellevue’s Environmental Stewardship Plan...the most progressive environmental policy in City history. Bellevue is thriving. I humbly ask for your vote to continue my work keeping Bellevue among the safest, most inclusive, and most livable cities in America. Endorsed: Bellevue Firefighters and Police Officers Guild, Eastside Business Alliance, Mayor Lynne Robinson, Councilmember Conrad Lee, Representative Amy Walen, and many more.

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