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Council Position 3

Joshua Putnam

Joshua Putnam

320 3rd Ave SW

Pacific, WA 98047

(206) 659-7821

Education: B.A., International Relations & Economic Management, Claremont McKenna College
Occupation: Manager, Marketing & Customer Communications, Farmers Insurance

As Seattle, Bellevue, and Tacoma continue to grow, we in Pacific face important choices. Land, housing, labor, and materials all continue to escalate in cost, while the city's property tax revenue is capped below the rate of inflation.  The most critical role of our City Council is to responsibly manage the city budget to ensure reliable services and public safety for all Pacific residents.  


My experiences as a Pacific homeowner and parent have continually reminded me of the importance of maintaining the essential services that protect all Pacific homes and families – police, streets, utilities, and services for the most vulnerable among us.


It has been my privilege to serve Pacific as a planning commissioner, parks board member, and city council member in the past. I ask for your vote to allow me to continue serving the needs of Pacific’s families and businesses. Thank you for your support.

Brice Erickson

Brice Erickson

138 4TH AVE SW

Pacific, WA 98047

(253) 732-6222

Occupation: Union construction worker

Before purchasing my home in Pacific, I knew it meant I was making an investment in the city and felt it would be my obligation to help our city continue to grow in the right direction. To be the most fiscally successful & safe city in the Puget Sound—a city we would be proud of. As a local union member I know teamwork is key.  Unfortunately, common sense isn’t as common as it used to be. Working in construction you have to have common sense, nothing is black and white, and I have used my common sense to help my company strive and be successful. It’s time to get our city back on track. Back to spending wisely, listening to the concerns of citizens, and acting on those concerns. Our dedicated & hard working citizens are what make this city great and they deserve to be heard.  


17 en-US Production

TTY: Relay 711

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