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City of North Bend


Rob McFarland

Rob McFarland

PO BOX 1861


(425) 429-2149

Education: Bachelor of Science in Natural Resources; Masters in Public Administration; North Bend Planning Commission
Occupation: Business and real estate consultant, owner

Community. Commitment. Experience.  That’s what I offer you. North Bend is a wonderful caring community with a meaningful past and promising future, and I will work with you toward that future.


As I’ve walked our neighborhoods and attended multiple ‘meet and greets’, I continue to listen and learn just as I’ve done for 20+ years as a member of the North Bend Parks Commission, the Planning Commission, and numerous service organizations. You’re telling me - grow responsibly and ensure that our roads, water, sewer, and storm systems keep pace with our needs; that our businesses thrive; that our housing choices are diverse and affordable; and that our environment is respected.


As your Mayor I will be thoughtful, visible, and approachable as we work together toward preserving our small town feel while solving traffic and growth challenges through thoughtful and community-based approaches. I’m asking for your vote.

Rich Wiltshire

Rich Wiltshire

249 Bendigo Blvd S

North Bend, WA 98045

Occupation: IT Management

Since moving to downtown North Bend several years ago, my wife and I became involved with local non-profits, festivals and events. We live on one of the major intersections in town and every day I see the massive impact development has on traffic, the impact on our streets and sidewalks, and every time I pay my water and my sewer bill. 


I have over 30 years of management experience, from proudly serving in the U.S. Navy to leading non-profit organizations to my current position of IT Management.  I don’t own a business nor am I in real estate.  I am a citizen just like you who is tired of feeling like the city taking advantage of us.


We deserve a fresh set of eyes and an open mind. My commitment is to you and the City of North Bend. I humbly ask for your vote.

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TTY: Relay 711

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