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Sue-Ann Hohimer

Sue-Ann Hohimer

17835 Normandy Terrace SW

Normandy Park, WA 98166

(206) 268-0760

Education: Bachelor of Arts in Education, Master of Arts in Teaching Language Arts- Northeastern Illinois University
Occupation: Educator, Child/Youth Advocate, Lifelong Learner

Formerly an inner-city Chicago teacher, my husband and I, now 20-year residents, raised four sons here. Through major volunteer roles at both Marvista Elementary and Highline Medical Center as well as within civic, faith and athletic circles, I've developed an informed overall sense of what motivates many to put down roots here. Decisions I make on your behalf come from balancing  between practical, traditional values that have benefited all in the past and progressive, innovative ideas that best position our city to thrive amidst changes the future will indeed bring. Reconciling various viewpoints and bringing consensus are strengths I demonstrated while chairing the Council’s Welcome Sign Committee this past year. Seeing results from many years of volunteer effort and varying ideas finally come together with mutuality and respect was rewarding.


I pledge continued work to see that community life here is a source of pride and joy for all residents. 

Kathleen Waters

Kathleen Waters

212 SW 177 street

Normandy Park, WA 98166

(206) 383-6620

Education: Mstrs Edu
Occupation: Prof (Ret)

There is No plan to increase Revenue on the council table!  Let’s Jump Start stalled action for upzoning the commercial zone on First Avenue.  I initiated the First Avenue upzoning to set the stage for increased revenues four years ago.  Incumbent candidates on the Economic Development Committee dropped this revenue potential.


Current challenges: impending levy, fate of the Rec Center, our trees, significant residential expansion under current ordinances, airport noise and pollution. Council must restore the public’s trust. Expand Public Comment sessions at council meetings to encourage residents to express their ideas. 


Candor, Proactive Listening, Straight answers are practical traits for council members.  Open governance is:  authentic public discussion before legislation is passed; transparent agendas; answer voters’ calls. I support Volunteers, police, local business owners. I will work to serve you with: Accountability, Transparency, Proactive Communication.  Please vote so our council is independent, collaborative, civil and engaged with you!

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TTY: Relay 711

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