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Council Position 5

Sean D. Smith

Sean D. Smith

15825 SE 258th St

Covington, WA 98042

(206) 818-4041

Education: M.S. Resource Management, B.A. Political Science, Law Enforcement Ranger Academy, Wildland Fire Academy
Occupation: Environmental Planner

Growing Toward Greatness! On the council, I’ve focused on the main issues of Safe Communities, Good Roads, Low Taxes, and Accountable Government. I’ve voted to add officers to our force, improve 272nd, 256th, 164th, Highway 18, and keep our tax rates among the lowest in King County. Covington makes the most of its regional relationships bringing in community amenities such as a cutting edge hospital, a vibrant regional business/retail core, expanded parks, all while staying within budget with no RTA, B&O, or Special Use Taxes.


Covington provides high-quality services, in a fiscally conservative, open and transparent manner, which maximizes benefits while minimizing impact upon tax payers. Support from teachers, firefighters, police, entrepreneurs, labor, Native Americans, republicans, democrats, and many more is growing for my common sense, community focused vision and record.


I’m proud to serve Covington. I ask for your vote!

Jonathan Ingram

Jonathan Ingram

16228 SE 250th Place

Covington, WA 98042

(503) 522-4043

Education: Bachelor of Science, University of Southern Mississippi
Occupation: Lead Application Developer

Covington needs to spend more on public safety and roads. Despite these needs, the city’s 2019 budget sets aside $2.1 million in tax revenue to save for a new $40 million Town Center and parking garage.


This isn’t the transparency we deserve. We deserve a vote before the city spends $40 million! The city cannot become great without the support of it’s citizens.


The city should meet essential needs out of existing revenues instead of using those dollars to fund non-essential projects without our consent. I will put our tax revenues back into roads and public safety and give you a vote on the Town Center. I will represent everyone by insisting that we meet essential needs out of existing revenues and working to ensure that every voice is heard. I stand for democracy and transparency. I respectfully ask for your vote.

17 en-US Production

TTY: Relay 711

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