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Seattle School Director District No. 4

Director District No. 4

Vivian Song Maritz

Vivian Song Maritz

24 Roy Street # 308


(206) 245-0471

Education: Masters in Business Administration, Harvard Business School; B.A. Harvard University
Occupation: Parent, education advocacy volunteer, Superintendent’s Parent Advisory Council, finance professional

Public education transformed my life. That is why I want to be your next School Board Director. As a child of working class immigrants, I started school as an English as a Second Language student. It was a public school teacher who identified my hearing disability and got me the support I needed to fulfill my potential. My family takes great pride that I am the first woman in my family to receive a college degree.

I bring professional skills in finance, data, operations, and management that are needed to better support our district. Queen Anne, Magnolia, and Ballard schools are part of the fabric of our neighborhoods and yet face important challenges.

Seattle Public Schools can do better. The talents and commitment of our teachers, building leaders, and staff are there. I see it every day as a mother of four current and future students, PTSA president, and member of the Superintendent’s Parent Advisory Council. We must support them with a budget and board that reflect our values. We can simultaneously tackle equity, academic quality, operational efficiency, and support for students and teachers.

As Director, I commit to: (1) Establishing mental health as an essential service to reengage students who are falling behind, especially following the COVID-19 pandemic. (2) Making tangible progress on inclusion. (3) Securing needed transportation and assistance for families. (4) Recruiting, supporting, and overseeing a superintendent with a strong vision for our district’s future. (5) Diving into capital and operating budgets to ensure academic quality and spending accountability. (6) Strengthening community, city, county, and state alliances to improve funding, wrap-around services, and outcomes.

Thank you for your support and vote. Endorsements: 36th District Democrats, State Senator Reuven Carlyle, former School Board Directors Eden Mack and Kay Smith-Blum, Education Advocate Summer Stinson, and others:

Herb Camet, Jr.

Herb Camet, Jr.

2701 3RD AVE W # 314


(206) 397-4751

Education: M.A., Education Administration, Graduate Teacher Education Certification Program, B.A., History
Occupation: Educator & School Principal

Life is learning, learning is life.

I'm seeking election to the Seattle School Board as an education reform advocate and professional educator for 40 years in 11 countries worldwide.  I am a professional educator, not a politician, and we must professionalize the School Board.


I am a non-partisan non-corporate independent candidate without affiliation with any political party, special interest, or corporate business.   I served as K-12 School Principal in 5 countries (USA, Vietnam, Cambodia, Iraq, Pakistan) and K-12 and ESL Teacher and Curriculum Specialist in 11 countries worldwide (USA, Turkey, Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Yemen, U.A.E., Germany, Pakistan) as well as ESL/ELT Training Manager and International Education Consultant. 


Public education is not a corporate business nor a government bureaucracy, it is a mutual partnership among students, teachers, and parents in an shared learning community to meet the educational and personal development needs of our children and youth.  All students matter equally and fairly without bias or discrimination. The School Board and Seattle's public schools need an experienced domestic and international professional educator and school administrator to reorient and redevelop public education for the future of our youth, and for their parents, and our communities.  As a School Board member, I will personally visit each school to meet with principals, staff, teachers, and students to obtain their input and feedback on their school's curriculum and educational services and on their needs for improving instruction and student achievement.


Working together as students, teachers, parents, and School Board in a mutually supportive and cooperative educational organization we can transform public education into an effective learning community that enables our youth to attain and achieve all they can be.  I ask for your vote and support.

Laura Marie Rivera

Laura Marie Rivera

PO BOX 94499


Education: M.S. in Education, Bank Street College of Education NY; B.A. UCLA, Los Angeles, CA
Occupation: Parent, Educator, Performing Arts, Life Long Learner

I am the only candidate who is an educator. As a parent, teacher, and lifelong learner, I believe that a quality public education is the greatest gift we can give our children and our community. I will bring bold and accountable leadership to the Seattle School District. Our public system must work harder to make learning accessible for children of all abilities. The systemic racial, cultural, and economic inequity in our schools must be addressed now. All services must be delivered equitably and effectively, 100% inclusive, and center on each child’s needs.


All parents must know about district and school level decisions through clear and timely communication. The COVID 19 pandemic was hard on kids, parents, and caretakers, and there must be transparency in how our school district moves forward. We will get there because I will listen to you.


We must reinvigorate multiple pathways for students. Career-based education for apprenticeships in the trades, academic preparedness for college, and robust arts education gives our kids a lifetime of options and pride. Our city leads in science, technology, innovation, and the arts. I want all kids to have access to those opportunities.


Having four students in Seattle Public Schools is a joy as they learn, grow, and succeed in their own ways. As a family receiving special education services, I appreciate and understand how valuable early intervention and appropriate supports can be. This attention to our students means graduation and success. Accessing these services is a challenge and that must change.


I am a Coe Elementary PTA board member, local chair of the National PTA’s Reflections Art Competition, and a board member of Friends of Seattle’s Olmsted Parks. My union memberships in SAG, AFTRA, AGVA, AEA and my endorsement by the 11th LD Democrats make me the clear progressive choice.

Erin Dury

Erin Dury

PO BOX 20792


(206) 659-9803



Education: Master’s Degree in Nonprofit Management & BA, University of Oregon
Occupation: School Board Director; Nonprofit consultant for system change centering antiracism

We have an amazing opportunity, as we emerge from pandemic disruption, to re-construct education to truly serve all students. I am a changemaker with a proven track record of system change through centering community voice. A proud single mom, I am a longtime advocate for children and families. I led a statewide CASA program to advocate for youth in child welfare. I was an Executive Director of a Seattle Helpline to support vulnerable families. Now as a consultant, I help nonprofits break down racially-based structures and barriers.  Prior to my appointment to the School Board, I was a regional PTSA leader representing NW Seattle and a classroom volunteer. 

My goal is to build a citywide educational community and a commitment to transparency and continuous communication. We must listen carefully to the voices of youth and families in order to create educational programs that serve individual learning and growth needs. 

Together, we can ensure that every student leaves Seattle Public Schools confident in their value and abilities. With your support, I will continue to center our educational policies and programs to focus on making education accessible and targeted to all students, particularly Black and Brown students, students furthest from educational justice, with and without disabilities, who have been systematically marginalized. 

As a school district and city, we must protect and lift up those most at risk of falling through the cracks, while reforming structures that marginalize or exclude. In an innovative city like Seattle, I know we can do better-- and do right by kids from all walks of life and lived experience.

Endorsed: Seattle Councilmember Dan Strauss; School Board Members Rankin, Hampson, DeWolf, Rivera-Smith, and Hersey; SCPTSA President Manuela Slye; SCPTSA District 3 Director Sam Fogg


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