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John Wilson

John Wilson

PO Box 1491

Auburn, WA 98071

(425) 414-7100

Education: BA, University of Washington, 1975.
Occupation: King County Assessor, 2016 to present.

Four years ago, voters throughout King County elected me your Assessor. At that time, I promised to be an “activist Assessor.” I have been. While we’ve had major accomplishments more needs to be done. That’s why I am asking for your vote again.


We made great progress advocating for you by bringing efficiency, fairness and innovation to the Assessor’s office; all while helping on homelessness and improving housing affordability.


Working with community organizations, we urged Olympia to pass the most significant senior property tax relief in decades. As result, thousands of new applicants are able to stay in their homes.


Housing and homelessness are crucial issues and my office has become a national leader in identifying surplus public property and vacant private property which can be used for innovative short and long-term housing solutions.


We developed a ground-breaking Taxpayer Transparency Tool, allowing you to see how upcoming ballot measures will impact your property taxes – whether you’re a homeowner or renter.


My office spearheaded technological innovations that dramatically increased accuracy in our field data and improved productivity – without increasing costs. We advocated legislation making it easier to correct errors and reimburse taxpayers for tax overpayments. Today, the Department is one of the most innovative and efficient local government agencies in Washington. My record of being a tireless champion of taxpayers – working for policies to modernize our tax system, provide property tax relief to homeowners and renters, and deploy technology to improve our customer service speaks for itself. I am proud to be endorsed by both Democrats and Republicans, labor and business and folks in Seattle and the suburbs. While we are off to a great start, more work lies ahead. I would be honored to have your vote so we can continue to serve you.

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