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Public Hospital District 1

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Tamara J. Sleeter

Tamara J. Sleeter

PO Box 58488

Renton, WA 98058

(206) 953-4210

Education: Bachelor of Science, Walla Walla University: MD Loma Linda University: Post-graduate OB/GYN St Louis U.
Occupation: Retired from the OB/GYN staff at Valley Medical Center (VMC).

For many years Valley Medical Center (VMC) has provided care for all comers in the Public Hospital District #1 regardless of their financial status. As the economy changed, VMC affiliated with, but did not merge, with the UW in a cooperative effort to maintain its mission. As a member of the hospital staff, I became involved with the future of the hospital and was elected to serve on the Board of Commissioners six years ago.


During my almost 30 years on the medical staff, I met and married my husband. Together we raised 2 sons here in Renton. We have watched the community grow with the hospital filling in the gaps in medical care offered to our constituents. We have increased the footprint of our campus and the number of outpatient clinics. The board has established a “rainy day” fund, paid off older bonds that carried a high interest rate, and issued new, lower rate bonds in their place. This has resulted in considerable savings and an improved credit rating to better serve you, the public.


As your commissioner I will continue to advocate for sound business practices while providing contemporary and compassionate care. I appreciate your vote.

Carol Barber

Carol Barber

10216 SE 256th Ste 103 Box 496

Kent, WA 98030

Education: Renton High School; BA Central Washington; Masters, in Counseling Psychology Central Washington.
Occupation: Licensed marriage/family therapist and licensed mental health counselor in Kent.

I graduated from Renton High and have lived in Kent since 1981. My son graduated from Kentwood High School. I am running because Sleeter deceived and betrayed the voters who put their trust in her and elected her six years ago. Unlike Sleeter, I want to return control of Valley to the Commissioners You elect instead of Trustees appointed by UW Medicine.


When Sleeter ran she said she “Supports returning control of Valley Medical Center to the commissioners you elect”. She betrayed this promise many times. Sleeter cast the deciding Commission vote opposing a bill in the legislature to return control of Valley to the voters. She even voted to remove Doctor Paul Joos as Commission president because he supported the bill. Had Sleeter voted yes, the Commission would have supported the legislation. With the Commission’s support, it would have likely passed because of strong bipartisan support. Because Sleeter voted No, control of Valley was Not returned to You the voters.


When two Commissioners resigned, instead of replacing them with commissioners with similar views about returning control of Valley to the voters, Sleeter supported replacements who wanted control of Valley to remain with Trustees appointed by UW Medicine. During her campaign, Sleeter said she opposed $1 million plus salary for Valley’s CEO Rich Roodman. Roodman is still the CEO and is still paid over $1.1 million per year – twice as much as the head of the UW Hospital.


Sleeter voted to increase Valley’s debt by $50 million. You the voters now owe $50 million plus millions more in interest to be paid by more taxes!


As your commissioner I promise to fight to return control of Valley to the elected commissioners and Will Not Betray Your Trust as Sleeter did. I hope I can count on your vote! Thanks!

Jason Thorne

Jason Thorne

16701 160TH PL SE

Renton, WA 98058

(206) 714-1677

Education: Bachelor’s of Science, Western Washington University
Occupation: Small Business Owner, Evergreen Valuations, LLC

My objective is for everyone who lives and works in our communities to have access to the best care available. I believe in preventative care as a way to reduce collective medical costs while improving overall quality of life.


As a local business owner, I know that listening to customers, being responsive to feedback and producing excellent work is critical to success. I will approach the position of Hospital District 1 Commissioner in the same way I run my business: by listening to constituents and working hard for residents of the hospital district.


As a Renton resident, I understand concerns that quality healthcare is expensive, especially at a time when many people are struggling with the rising local cost of living. I want to keep costs as reasonable as possible. A specific concern to communities is increases in property taxes, and I will make it my priority to keep property taxes for Hospital District 1 as low as possible


As a husband and father, I know the importance of thriving families. I am especially concerned about the toll that senior care and care for other marginalized people exact on families. No one who has medical needs should suffer needlessly or be denied care. I believe in actions that keep people healthy and vitalize our communities.


As Hospital District 1 Commissioner, I will work hard to represent and advocate for the residents of Hospital District 1. As a member of the community, I believe in the teamwork it takes to make communities healthy and prosperous, just as quality healthcare requires vital cooperation between doctors, nurses, care providers and administration to care for and support patients. I ask for your vote.

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