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King County Fire Protection District No. 16

Commissioner Position No. 5

Patrick O'Brien

Patrick O'Brien

6330 NE 181ST STREET


(206) 713-7311

Education: W.W.U. B.A. Alternative Energy Bio Mass Conversion
Occupation: Auctioneer, Real Estate Broker, H.V.A.C. Management

I am not a fireman and I’m not related to anyone who is.

Goal: To balance fire and emergency services on both sides of the Sammamish River.

Time is of the essence to save a life when calling 911. The lifesaving measures must be delivered in less than five minutes. Fire Station 51 that’s on the north side of the Sammamish River. We have our major high school, two elementary schools, senior center, and a great deal of our Kenmore population on the south side; it warrants an immediate lifesaving capability. Join me to activate an unused fire station on the south side of the river near Arrowhead Elementary. At a minimum we must place a Medic One capacity at that location. Set up a volunteer ride service for any senior that cannot afford a $1000 ambulance fee. Keep Kenmore Fire personnel in Kenmore their local knowlage is important.

Lisa Wollum

Lisa Wollum

18410 64TH AVE NE


(206) 380-1996

Education: Highline Community College
Occupation: Real Estate Agent, Small Business Owner

A Seattle local, for the last 17 years I have resided in Kenmore, I can relate to the values of the people in our community. I’m not a politician but instead  a mother of three and the wife of a career firefighter and a person who wants the best Fire Protection and EMS service for our community.

. My inspiration to run for this role started during the recent proposed Fire Department merger; needs of firefighters were ignored and emergency response time was not given a priority. We need a more diverse and transparent board and I feel with my unique knowledge we can get the commissioners working together to make a difference. 

I will put the citizens of Kenmore and Lake Forest Park first while collaborating the needs of our firefighters- those who truly do the work to keep us safe. Endorsed by Commissioners Rick Verlinda & Josh Pratt

Nate Herzog

Nate Herzog

PO BOX 82681


(206) 362-8529

Education: Shoreline Public Schools, Shoreline Community College, University of Washington, Association of Washington Cities CML
Occupation: former City Councilmember; Small business owner: PQR Capitalization

This past spring, 80% of voters in our community resoundingly opposed the proposed fire district merger. The current Board of Commissioners has unfortunately lost our confidence. I actively campaigned against the merger as I believe there are better ways to solve the problems facing Northshore Fire.

It was an honor to serve two terms on the LFP City Council soon after the city had tripled in both size and population. The issues of growth and budget management require a new set of eyes on the challenges ahead. I look forward to bringing my fresh experience and constructive solutions to the district.

I love our community. It’s where I grew up. I’ve volunteered here (most recently within the Northshore Fire CERT program) and is where I’m now raising a family of my own. I am committed to provide the leadership Kenmore and Lake Forest Park deserve. I greatly appreciate your vote.

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TTY: Relay 711

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