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Northshore School District No. 417

Director District No.1

Brian M. Travis

Brian M. Travis

2005 185TH PL SE APT J102


Education: No information submitted.
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America is a nation founded upon the words "all men are created equal, and that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights" for over 200 years these words have guided us as one nation. We are a people that believe our government officials must "derive their just powers from the consent of the governed"

For those who still believe children should be valued for who they are and not "what they are'' as members of any group, race, or ethnicity; I stand for you. Sadly, children, parents, and teachers need protection from greedy, self-interested teachers’ unions and their allies in the state government who believe children and their education are the property of unions and the state. Stand up and be counted. Let children be children, stop burdening them with deviant ideas about sexuality and gender. All too soon the children of today shall bear the burdens of adulthood; it is not for the state to replace a child’s parents.

Stop teaching children to hate their own heritage, ancestors and homeland.

Boys and girls of all races, colors, and creeds; deserve an "America First" education about our country and the values it was founded upon in 1776.


Michael Albrecht

Michael Albrecht

19030 29TH AVE SE


(253) 642-7799

Education: Dean's List: University of Washington
Occupation: Ambassador for the NW Sarcoma Foundation (2015-Present)

I love Northshore. I’ve spent my entire school career here. I’ve received plaudits from Washington Superintendent of Public Instruction Chris Reykdal, Governor Jay Inslee, and a former U.S. Secretary of Education for my work with various youth organizations. Having also received the U.S. Presidential Scholar Award, the highest student award granted by the U.S. Department of Education, I know what academic excellence looks like. Additionally, as a three-time cancer fighter, I will devote my tenacity to the families of the Northshore District.


I believe no child should be left behind, yet some students have been forgotten: students with disabilities, single-family households, minority communities, and poor internet connections have been disproportionately affected by school closures. As your school board director, I will ensure that all individuals have an equitable place in our schools.


As a gay man, I believe that all students should be prideful about themselves and their education. However, it is shameful that graphic, sexual images may be displayed to our youngest students. As your board member, with oversight of the curriculum, I commit to preserving the innocence of our youth.


I'll never lose sight of the most critical asset of the district--our children. Let me serve you.

Jacqueline McGourty

Jacqueline McGourty

PO BOX 566


(425) 780-6213

Education: BS; Biology/Chemistry, Univ. of Puget Sound. MS/PhD; Biochemistry/Molecular/Cellular Biology, Northwestern Univ.
Occupation: Primary/Owner, Scientific Consulting company. Northshore School Board Director

It has been an honor to serve the Northshore School District over the last four years and it would be a privilege to continue to put my passion for public education to work for this community.

This award-winning Board has done great things over the last 4 years, including; increased access to childcare, music, hi-cap, and mental health supports; opening new/upgraded facilities to provide safe learning environments; decreasing opportunity/outcome gaps; adding safety and equity teams in all schools; and advocating with legislators to support our students and community. And we  acted quickly to guide and serve our community in a global crisis. I am so proud of the work we have done and the future of education as we move out of this pandemic. 

But the work must continue.  It is critical to fully fund education, close opportunity/outcome gaps, teach students as individual learners, and provide that support and access in early childhood.  My skills and background in science, management, budget, legislative advocacy, team-building, teaching and troubleshooting make me uniquely qualified to serve this critical role.

I would be honored to continue the great work of the Northshore School District and respectfully request your vote.

Elizabeth Crowley

Elizabeth Crowley

PO Box 12183

Mill Creek, WA 98082

(971) 361-8177

Education: MS Security Technology, Rochester Institute of Technology; CISSP; Computer Forensics Cert, UW
Occupation: Cyber Security Leader, Boeing

I’m running for school board because I’m a concerned parent of an elementary student.  I don’t have political aspirations. I want to be a positive example for my daughter, demonstrating strong values and community commitment. Connect with me and I will ‘be the change we want to see’.

My skills as leader of a cyber-team, active listening, critical thinking, being proactive, setting high expectations and making informed decisions will serve us on the Board.

I have watched stress levels and mental health issues escalate in our community.  Apps replaced in person time. Connections were severed.  Children will enter the next school year with diminished educational and emotional experiences; we need to proactively provide a suite of tools and services and be flexible, delivering the resources needed for children to not just recover but to excel.

Our children need our help to: Improve connections among schools, community, and the Board; Rebuild our support system focusing on emotional and educational growth; Deliver resources equitably to develop the whole child in school and extracurricular activities; Implement secure modern infrastructure, drive policy enhancements to foster a safe learning environment. Let’s give children limitless opportunities. Let’s Connect; Let’s be the changes they need.

26 en-US Production

TTY: Relay 711

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