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Mercer Island School District No. 400

Director Position No. 2

Janelle Lucero

Janelle Lucero

2229 82ND AVE SE


(502) 592-8850

Education: Utah Valley University
Occupation: Small Business Owner and Mother

This year brought immense challenges for the youngest members of our city and those supporting them. I feel called to join the effort required to ensure the success of all students and I will work to understand the issues and policies impacting them and advocate for the success of MISD.

As a parent, board member, and community advocate, I will be committed to the legacy of academic excellence and prioritize holistic policies that empower our children and prepare them for the future. I will listen and educate myself on the challenges the district faces in order to make the best possible decisions.

My children will receive a public education on Mercer Island. As a parent I rely on my support system and want to contribute to a school system that gives hope and a future to each child it serves. I appreciate your confidence and humbly ask for your vote. 

Elle Nguyen

Elle Nguyen

1121 North Vassault Drive

Tacoma, WA 98046

(425) 336-9958

Education: B.A. in Biblical Study/Theology and M.A. in Practical Ministry at Regent University
Occupation: Investment Strategist

I will make sure we protect and preserve our most precious asset, our children. Recent government mandates and legislature overreach have placed our children’s learning institutions into virtual programming centers. Critical Race Theory and the legislature approved “Sex Education Bill” are prime examples why government does not belong in deciding education curriculum.

A vibrant School Board must pay close attention to all its curriculum being taught to children at every level of education. Our schools must strive for continuous improvement.  It is vital we provide students with all the necessary tools to succeed, both educationally and professionally. 

Academic success must be the primary focus of our fabulous educators. Washington is blessed with exceptional teachers that rely on a parent-teacher collaboration; relationship is crucial to student development and must be cultivated. My children are my top priority.  I ask for your vote to allow me to be your children's advocate.

Dan Glowitz

Dan Glowitz

3040 78th Ave SE #619


Education: J.D., University of Michigan; BA - Political Science, Amherst College (magna cum laude); MIHS (1999)
Occupation: Attorney (focused on corporate governance and intellectual property); stay-at-home parent

Mercer Island should be a beacon that shows what’s possible in a small, well-educated, and passionate community that values education.

Our school system and our city have prospered by maintaining high academic standards and by earning the public’s trust.  As a board member, I will strengthen this legacy by promoting open dialogue and ensuring that decisions are driven by data.  My legal background has prepared me to work collaboratively while asking hard questions.  Volunteering on Mercer Island has inspired a heart-felt belief that a more equitable future depends upon our children receiving a well-rounded education that focuses on fundamentals and doesn’t reduce the curriculum to catchphrases.  Together we can prepare students to thrive and tackle tomorrow’s problems in an interconnected world by providing a supportive environment with enough mental health counselors to meet their urgent needs.

Endorsements:  41st LD Democrats; Deputy Mayor Wendy Weiker; David D’Souza; Ralph Jorgenson; Kristy Sieckhaus

Brian Giannini Upton

Brian Giannini Upton

3040 78TH AVE SE #670

MERCER ISLAND, WA 98040-0670

(206) 860-4992

Education: University of Wyoming, Fine Arts and Education
Occupation: Dad, Community Volunteer, Advocate for Students and Public Education

As a School Board Director, I work tirelessly to honor our district’s history, and to enrich and protect resources for each student. I am focused on strategic advocacy, policy development, and student centered priorities such as rigorous learning, inclusive and equitable environments, and safe and supportive school communities. I serve as a liaison to district advisory committees and collaborate with cross-district workgroups addressing emerging critical issues. As a regionally elected member of the WSSDA Legislative Committee, I regularly convey our children’s needs and aspirations to policy makers from Olympia to Washington D.C.


It is an honor to serve our District. I will continue to ensure that each child, regardless of race, characteristic, or circumstance, has the support and resources they need to create their future.


Endorsements: Senator Lisa Wellman, Representative Tana Senn, Representative My-Linh Thai, Former Representative Marcie Maxwell, MISD Pathfinder Dawn Bennett, WA 41st Democrats, WA Stonewall Democrats

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