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Bellevue School District No. 405

Director District No. 3

Leo Novsky

Leo Novsky

P.O. Box 1392


(360) 851-9692

Education: BA from the University of Chicago, MBA from the University of Dallas
Occupation: Director of Community Engagement, Keiretsu Forum Northwest

I’m the dad who races to school on bikes every school day. Pre-pandemic, I volunteered in classrooms every other Friday to support our amazing teachers. My daughter’s finishing 1st grade at Wilburton and my son’s finishing 3rd grade at Spiritridge. They both have special needs. I’m determined to restart the critical services for the most vulnerable students as soon as possible.


I’m the professional who has taught English in Japan, Entrepreneurship at UW-Bothell, coached broadly on the power of authentic communication, and led a non-profit that helped prepare incarcerated individuals with job skills. I’m dedicated to fighting for equity and giving voice to underrepresented in our community.


I’m the immigrant from the former Soviet Union who started 7th grade without speaking English. Inspiring teachers and public schools have given me the tools to succeed. I’m committed to keeping our public schools overseen by an independent, democratically elected board. 


If elected, I will be the board member who works to heal our community, asks tough questions and partners with the other board members, and the community to select the best superintendent to lead Bellevue schools into the future.  To remain as impartial as possible, I’m not seeking endorsements or campaign donations.


Faye Yang

Faye Yang

12819 SE 38TH ST #346


(425) 202-5751

Education: Master of Science- Florida International University; Medical Doctor- Huaxi Medical School, Sichuan University China
Occupation: Nutrition Service Director, Registered Dietitian

The pandemic has had a profound impact on our school district. I'm running to bring my passion of being an advocate for our families to the school board.

Known as the "School Lunch Mom" by many in the district, I led the campaign for twenty-minute seating time to ensure that basic health needs of children are met. My two-year advocacy resulted in an updated BSD lunch policy and the introduction of the state legislature HB1272.

Having served on the frontline of the pandemic since day one, I'll bring firsthand knowledge to the safe transition to full-time in-person learning and the speedy recovery of our students academically and emotionally.

My journey as a first-generation immigrant and having a child with special needs have taught me the importance of working with people of all backgrounds. I support a tailored curriculum that suits each student and a devotion to excellence. Through collaboration of all parties, we can revitalize the best K-12 program in the state and welcome back the thousands of students who have left BSD. I believe strongly in transparency and accountability and look forward to helping our students emerge from the biggest challenge of their generation stronger than ever. Thank you!

Joyce Shui

Joyce Shui



(425) 243-3609

Education: Harvard University (AB), New York University School of Law (JD)
Occupation: SAP, Lead Senior Legal Counsel; The Purple School, LLC owner

It’s been a disruptive, divisive year. It’s time to come together as a community for our students. My commitment to children’s learning and my advocacy for all voices makes me the right choice to help our children continue on the road to excellence, equity, and empathy. 


Excellence. I’ve chosen to raise my four children in Bellevue because of our district’s academic excellence. I’m committed to advancing our reputation for excellence and increasing rigor and opportunities for all students. 


Equity and Empathy. As an Asian American woman who has experienced racism, I know it’s important to empower each other. I’ve used my platform as a small business owner to advocate for equity. My small business has taught languages to thousands of children in support of bilingualism and cross-cultural competency. We need to listen (and be heard) with empathy to heal. I will collaborate with all constituents to ensure a safe and respectful process for recovery from the pandemic. I will be fair-minded, soliciting and respecting diverse opinions to help guide the district. 

Endorsements: Chris Marks, Sen. Wellman, Sen. Kuderer,  Rep. Thai, Rep. Slatter, Mayor Robinson, Councilmember Barksdale, Bellevue Education Association, 41st and 48th Democrats, Women of Color in Politics, and more.

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