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Andrew Grant Houston

Andrew Grant Houston

PO BOX 22855


Education: Bachelor of Architecture, BA in Urban Studies from University of Texas at Austin. Licensed Architect.
Occupation: Architect / Owner, House Cosmopolitan. Interim Policy Manager, Councilmember Mosqueda.

I am a queer Black and Latino Architect, a housing activist, and a high-risk individual. In March 2020 when the COVID-19 crisis began, my small business contracts fell through. In June, I heard the sounds of helicopters and flashbangs as residents marched in the name of Black lives and against state-sponsored violence. In September—during the worst wildfires the West Coast has ever seen; an orange sky with smoke seeping through the cracks of my old windows—I read the City had 95 shelter spaces for 5,500 people. 


In Seattle we have a strong mayor system. That means the Mayor controls whether the City chooses to act—or not—in the midst of an economic crisis, a housing crisis, and the climate crisis. The inaction thus far in Seattle is unacceptable.


I am running for Mayor in this moment because for too long career politicians and lawyers have said the right thing without doing it. No more empty promises: I will fund our Seattle Green New Deal; say no to sweeping our unhoused neighbors; reform and defund our police to create true public safety; and build the housing we need.


Most of our problems come down to housing justice: where homes are allowed to be (or aren’t), how many we have (or don’t), and how much they cost. Creating a new system is the first step on a new path to achieving so much of what we want. So let’s elect someone who understands the system and can make it more sustainable quickly while ensuring community comes first.


If you are looking for a candidate with clear plans that is committed to serving two terms—so we can finally be the city that we say we are—then I am your candidate. After four years of inaction, it is time for a Mayor of action.

Lance Randall

Lance Randall



(206) 455-0266

Education: Morgan State University, Political Science Degree; University of Oklahoma Economic Development Institute, Graduate
Occupation: Political Scientist, Economic Development Practitioner, Small Business Owner and Musician

Seattle is a beautiful city suffering from a dreadful lack of leadership. Bickering, finger pointing, and ideological posturing have hurt our residents and undermined our national reputation. I have a plan to bring people together, create a more fair and sustainable future, build working coalitions, strive for equity, and rise above the infighting and inertia that have held our city back for so long. It is way past time to stop talking about our problems and start taking steps to solve them.

For 30 years I have used my skills as a political scientist and my economic expertise to create jobs and bring people together. I am an entrepreneur who has held leadership positions with businesses, non-profit organizations, federal and state lawmakers, local mayors, public-private partnerships, and educational institutions. My background and experience fully prepare me to lead Seattle at this critical moment.

As recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic gets underway, now is an excellent time to reassess how our city does business. Seattle can be a model of effectiveness, sustainability, and accountability to its citizens. Becoming that model requires a new attitude of responsibility at City Hall. I have developed a platform detailing my plan to address some of Seattle’s biggest challenges – dignity and housing options for people experiencing homelessness; turbo-charging our economic recovery; increasing public safety; and mitigating climate change to name just a few. My platform is an investment in our people, our culture, and our future.

Seattle is at a crossroads. Our next mayor will either set us on a bold new course of responsible leadership or simply continue business as usual. We cannot afford another four years of talking without taking action. I am running to chart a new course, to provide transformational leadership for a transforming city. I ask for your vote.


M. Lorena González

M. Lorena González

PO BOX 23011


(206) 651-5668

Education: J.D. Seattle University, 2005. B.A. Washington State University, 1999. A.A. Yakima Valley Community College, 1997.
Occupation: Civil rights attorney and Seattle City Council President

I’m running for Mayor because I have the experience and leadership ability needed to bring people together to truly solve homelessness and housing affordability; expand mental health services; demilitarize police and hold them accountable while ensuring public safety; and build a city of connected, livable, safe neighborhoods that all have affordable childcare, vibrant public schools, parks and public transit. 


I’m a first time mom and a proud first-generation American, who grew up as a migrant farm worker in central Washington. I worked my way through community college, WSU, and Seattle University Law School. As a civil rights attorney, I won cases for victims of sexual assault, wage theft, elder abuse, and police misconduct and brutality at the hands of the Seattle Police Department. 


I decided to run for elected office after seeing how hard things were becoming for workers and people of color. Housing is too expensive. Wages are too low. Big corporations have too much say. Police are not being held accountable nearly enough. As Mayor, I’ll change that.  


As the first Latina elected citywide in 2015, I’ve brought people together to reduce homelessness through rental subsidies for residents with disabilities, and neighborhood-based homelessness outreach. We’ve begun to demilitarize police, expand civilian oversight and shift resources to community-based safety programs. We’ve protected hotel workers from sexual assault and improved childcare and early education by doubling preschool slots and expanding pre-K facilities. We’ve helped Seattle’s small businesses and families survive the pandemic with grants and flexible zoning laws, and we’ve enacted sensible gun safety laws. I’ll build on this progressive record as Mayor. 


I’m endorsed by Congresswoman Pramila Jayapal, local district Democrats, and healthcare, hospitality, grocery, childcare and other essential workers and labor unions because they know my values and that I fight for them. I ask for your vote.

Casey Sixkiller

Casey Sixkiller

7511 GREENWOOD AVE N, #815


(206) 303-0531

Education: B.A. Dartmouth College, Government and Native American Studies
Occupation: Previously Deputy Mayor, City of Seattle; COO, King County

I grew up in Seattle and am raising three young kids here. I’m running for Mayor so every family sees a future in Seattle. This past year was one of the most challenging in our city’s history. Despite great wealth and opportunity, too many families are being left behind. Our neighborhoods are struggling with empty storefronts, homelessness, and crime. Instead of coming together to meet these challenges we are being held back by divisions.

I have spent my career advancing practical, progressive solutions at the federal, regional, and local level. I have formed partnerships to create new housing and shelters, expand access to parks and green spaces, advance equity by dismantling institutional barriers, and secure millions of dollars to restore critical habitat, replace failing bridges, and invest in high capacity transit.

Growing up in Seattle, we didn’t agree on everything, but we found ways to make progress on important issues. Now is our opportunity to rebuild a stronger and more equitable Seattle with fresh ideas and bold actions. As Mayor, I will pilot a guaranteed basic income program so families of all income levels can build futures here; help our small businesses recover from the pandemic; expand and make childcare more affordable; invest in our neighborhoods so they are safe and thriving; and restore our parks and streets to their intended uses by adding 3,000 new permanent places for people experiencing homeless to call home.

I am the only candidate with experience running large organizations. I know firsthand that change requires vision and partnership. This moment demands a leader who will sit down with those on the other side of an issue to find common ground and move us forward. I will work every day to show our kids we can achieve the future we all want for Seattle.

Clinton Bliss

Clinton Bliss



(206) 637-6602

Education: University of Washington Family Medicine Residency. UCLA Geffen School of Medicine.
Occupation: Family Doctor. Emergency Room Physician. Small Business Owner. Father.

Are you suffering from compassion fatigue?  Are you frustrated with the lack of planning and progress in police accountability and the ever expanding tent encampments in our city parks?  I am too.  As your mayor, I will act with the vision, courage and compassion needed to address these and other pressing issues.

As a graduate of a top ten US medical school, I’ve spent my career as a medical leader developing sustainable systems that provide compassionate care for all.  As a leader, I understand that core values like police accountability and civil rights can never be safely negotiated away.

The Seattle Police Department has been under federal decree since 2012 for repeatedly violating our resident’s civil rights.  The judge determined these violations stemmed from a lack of police oversight.  Specifically, our police union contract protects rogue police officers from disciplinary action and prosecution.  In response, our city negotiated minor revisions to the existing police union contract in 2018.  In 2019, the federal court found the city remains in violation.  The city currently has no timeline for resolution.

In 2019 the 9th Circuit Court ruled that charging a person with vagrancy when they have nowhere else to go is cruel and unusual punishment and a violation of their civil rights.  In response our city allows living in tent encampments and promotes policies and legislation encouraging theft, vandalism, and violent crimes as a way to meet basic needs.

We need solutions.  Protecting Civil Rights is non-negotiable. If elected I would immediately: 1) Provide basic emergency food, shelter, security, and treatment to our residents who have no other options. 2) Permanently remove tent dwellers from city parks. 3) Nullify any section of the police union contract that limits accountability and oversight. Vote for wise action!  Vote for Doctor Bliss!  Join me in solidarity!

Henry C. Dennison

Henry C. Dennison

650 S. Orcas St, Suite 120

Seattle, WA 98108

(206) 323-1755

Education: a lifetime in the working class struggles in various unions and industries
Occupation: rail worker and member of SMART-TD union

The working class faces the deepening economic, social, and political crisis of capitalism.  The bosses continue to drive to solve the crisis of their system through attacks by attacking our wages, safety and working conditions. But as coronavirus lockdowns are lifted and growing numbers of vaccinated workers rejoin the workforce, better conditions are being created for workers to come together on the job to beat back those attacks. Miners in Alabama, workers at ATI steel mills in the Northeast, and nurses in Massachusetts are setting an example by using their unions to resist and fight back. The Socialist Workers Party urges support and solidarity with these struggles. On this course, we can build and use union power.


There are no Seattle solutions! The SWP’s fighting working-class program leads toward political independence from the parties of the bosses, the Democrats and Republicans. We demand a federally-funded public works program to put millions to work at union-scale wages building hospitals, schools, housing, mass transportation and much more that workers need.  For cost-of-living clauses in every contract and retirement benefits to offset every rise in prices! We demand amnesty for all undocumented immigrants in the U.S., to unite workers and cut across divisions the bosses use to drive down wages.


Cops who kill and brutalize people must be prosecuted. Fight racist discrimination and the entire capitalist injustice system, with its frame-ups, onerous bail and “three strike” prison sentences! Defend women’s right to family planning services, including safe, secure abortions. We stand against the increasing anti-Jewish attacks from both the right and the left.


Defend the right to vote, free speech and assembly and the right to bear arms under attack from Democrats and Republicans alike. Stop FBI and government spying, harassment and disruption. No to reactionary “cancel culture”.


For more information:

Bobby Tucker

Bobby Tucker

PO BOX 483


(206) 765-9610

Education: Seattle University, my major was public administration
Occupation: Opening up a nonprofit organization. "Peculiar People In Transformation"

Bobby J Tucker (BT); For Seattle’s Mayors; (BT-Cares); A man of God; The Leader For Seattleites

Building a team not to shelter the homeless, enough of that. Let us house the homeless. Education builds character and confidence, let us build the confidence of the people. Securing our children’s future, and making sure they have a future I will be a leader who listen, your voice will not go in one ear and out of the other one. We are here to take care of your needs. Notice I didn’t say Me! Because it’s going to take all of us working together! Leadership matters. I’m a leader that cares I will lead with quality, integrity, and honesty Our children deserves better and in order for them to get what they deserve, we have to take the example of Nehemiah 2:18 “Then I told them of the hand of my God which was good upon me: as also the king’s words that he had spoken unto me. And they said, Let us rise up and build. So they strengthened their hands for this good work.”

Systemic racism; Unfair treatment by the justice system; Denied fair and affordable housing; Good paying jobs; Discrimination

What has happened in Seattle could have been prevented. Regardless of what has happened can now be fixed by me Bobby Tucker with a team who seriously cares about all of those who are living in the city of Seattle and beyond.

Here am I Seattleites; Vote for Bobby Tucker; For Seattle’s Mayor; BT-Cares

Omari Tahir-Garrett

Omari Tahir-Garrett

PO BOX 22328


(206) 717-1685

Education: I am running as a spokesperson for the Anti-Apartheid/Reparations-Now Movement. My issues and solutions:
Occupation: The Peoples' Champion Fighter

Raise awareness that Seattle is on Duwamish Native American land, and colonialism is no longer acceptable. The outgoing Mayor’s biggest mistake was failing to investigate the Gates and Allen family related corporate RICO Racketeering that has been blocking the progress of the African American Heritage Museum and Cultural Center since 1998. This unconstitutional corruption will be opposed in the courts and on the street.

Repair-ations must be paid to “Africatown” to repair / correct the cultural and economic damage done to the refugees from the European colonial settler terrorism / slavery. End the ethnic cleansing / “gentrification” of Blacks out of Seattle’s historic Central Area (aka Africatown).

Remove the names / images of the “North-American Hitlers” Washington and Jefferson, those mass-murderers of Native American “Indians” and “owners of hundreds of “slaves”. Stop Schools from teaching any children that Washington and Jefferson (“Indian” killers / slavers) were champions of “freedom, justice, equality and democracy”, when they were in fact brutal “terrorists”.

End homelessness by providing land, materials / expertise for homeless to build their own mortgage-free housing. (Have you ever seen a homeless bird?) Our City and State must each form their own bank to finance ending homelessness through sweat equity. Limit “police” to 5-year terms, in which they must complete teachers’ certificate qualifications and then teach for 5 years before returning to law enforcement, to prevent PTSD and stop criminals from hiding behind government-issued badges / guns.

Since race is arbitrarily based on “skin color”, re-define “race” based on hair color, which is much easier to change—especially for “white minded” integrated Negroes like Court Justice “Uncle” Clarence Thomas.

James Donaldson

James Donaldson

3213 W WHEELER ST # 162


(206) 487-3566

Education: BA from WSU, majoring in sociology minor in psychology
Occupation: CEO Your Gift of Life, previously Seattle Super Sonic #40

James Donaldson is a lifelong Democrat, a 7’ 2'' tall former Super Sonic, and a former local businessman. Today he runs a non-profit helping at-risk youth with mental health challenges. He’s running for mayor to restore trust in our police, bring more compassion and accountability to the homelessness crisis, and do more for affordable housing. He also knows rebuilding our local small businesses, from local restaurants to neighborhood shops, is vital to our city’s livability.  

Donaldson shares our city’s values -- issue after issue his ideas are in line with the voters of our city. 71% of voters support James’ policy to reform the police, not defund police. 72% of voters favor James’ plan to reduce homelessness by increasing access to mental health and addiction services. 56% of voters agree with James that we need more for affordable housing.  

The remarkable issue is how few Seattle politicians agree with Seattle voters. Seattle politics is often a fight between well funded special interest groups, who drive the council towards the extreme. Things are so bad that Seattle’s government is used as a warning to cities world wide of the harm politicians can do.

James’ basketball career took him all over the nation and world. He’s seen examples of how other cities are solving problems. In Vienna he saw how they encouraged both private and high quality public housing, and better ran a transit system. In Newark, New Jersey they reformed policing to focus on de-escalation and haven’t had an officer fire a gun in a year. In Amsterdam they’ve modernized their city to be foot, bike, transit and car friendly. Better leadership can bring these answers to Seattle.

James Donaldson is a lot like our city. Optimistic. Compassionate. Innovative. Just like Seattle, he’s overcome personal challenges to rebuild.

Arthur K. Langlie

Arthur K. Langlie

PO BOX 33770


(206) 580-3151

Education: Whitman College, Bachelor of Arts in History
Occupation: Executive Vice President at Holmes Electric

Seattle needs a reboot. Our homelessness crisis is getting worse. Downtown is deteriorating. Businesses are closing. Residents feel unsafe. Roads need repairs. No one is taking responsibility. Art Langlie believes best practices, not political games, are what we need. The city needs new skills and experience to solve our homelessness crisis, restore a vibrant downtown, put more “safe” in public safety, and rebuild infrastructure. Passing the buck ends with Art Langlie.

Years of social service volunteering have taught him the solutions that work. Art is the only candidate with a comprehensive plan to end this homelessness emergency. He’ll measure results, increase mental health and recovery services in Triage Centers, and rapidly build housing with wrap-around services. Read the plan:

Seattle must address the inequities that result from past redlining, gentrification, the imbalanced distribution of educational and medical resources, and inconsistent access to government decision making. He champions a balanced, pragmatic approach to bring our diverse community together and solve problems. Misguided proposals like defunding the police without a plan make us less safe. Solutions to complex problems, not simple soundbites.

The city’s primary responsibility is delivering basic government services with excellence. That means creating a sustainable budget. That means reforming public safety. That means restoring our downtown. That means creating a business environment that creates jobs. That means fixing potholes and repairing bridges. We need to get the basics right. As a successful business and non-profit leader, Art is the only candidate who will take responsibility and get it done.

“I will be transparent and take responsibility to solve the challenges before us. I am a new voice with a fresh vision, not part of the political class that brought our city to where it is today. I know that together, we can do better.” – Art Langlie

Colleen Echohawk

Colleen Echohawk



(206) 249-9338

Education: Associates, Shoreline Community College; Bachelors in Multicultural Studies, Antioch University
Occupation: Former Executive Director of the Chief Seattle Club

Seattle is a great City but our leaders are failing us. City Hall has become dysfunctional. Thousands are sleeping outside. Housing is unaffordable. Small businesses are going under. Police reform has failed. The middle class gets squeezed harder every day. We’re all exhausted by Seattle politicians saying the right thing – but not doing the right thing when it matters. I’ve been doing hard things that matter my whole life.


Ending the humanitarian crisis. I’ve spent the last 7 years fighting for our homeless Native community as Executive Director at Chief Seattle Club. We’re building: $180 million in affordable housing. We’re innovating: Surplus trailers on parking lots called Eagle Village, modular housing in Lake City, 200 family units with a longhouse. We’re succeeding: During the pandemic, we moved entire encampments from the International District and Pioneer Square to the safety of hotel rooms. I’m leading: I have a 22-point Emergency Housing Action Plan to bring everyone sleeping outside into safety in 14 months following the election. My plan: 


Holding the police accountable. As a longtime community police advocate, I’m done with racism and brutality with zero consequences. As a Community Police Commissioner, we fought to block the current police union contract, but the Mayor and Council buckled – rolling back reforms on racial bias and violating the federal consent decree. Seattle’s next Mayor will hire a new Police Chief and negotiate a new police contract – determining the future of reform. My plan: 


Affordable housing, racial justice, equitable recovery, climate change, transit, education, the West Seattle Bridge – we have so much important work ahead of us. It’s time for a new generation of leadership in Seattle. I believe in this City. If you’ll believe in me, together we can make Seattle the city we all love.

Don L. Rivers

Don L. Rivers

P.O BOX 22525


(206) 302-8213

Education: Green River CC. Economic World Studies Business Affairs. National Crime Prevention Council..
Occupation: Retired from King County Metro

The state and the condition of our city is critical. We are in the midst of redefining life in the present and what it will become in the future. Seattle citizens are resilient hard working and caring devoted people, who are dedicated to a real change . We must become bold leaders for the present and the future of our city. Yes , We do have a lot of work to do with developing cultural competency.  Homelessness should not exist in our city. We are a city of destiny a  place where quality lifestyles will constantly be  Developed. I will pledge to develop new streams of revenue. I will work hard to develop new leaders from our youth. Skilled with the 3 L's the ability to Listen,Learn and then Lead.  "I must acknowledge that we are on the traditional land of the first people of the Seattle area, the Duwamish People and Costal Salish People past and present."  I promise that all citizens of Seattle are included,no one will be excluded , unless they exclude themselves . The Change Is Here. 


Thank You 

Don L Rivers 

Bruce Harrell

Bruce Harrell

PO BOX 21961


(206) 486-0377

Education: Proud SPS graduate (and parent); Garfield High (Valedictorian); University of Washington, BA and Law School
Occupation: Attorney representing workers, small business; City Council (2007-2019)

The people of Seattle are starving for effective leadership: a Mayor who makes no excuses and addresses urgent needs. With your vote, I’ll be Seattle’s second Black and first Asian American Mayor. My father was among the first Black union lineman at City Light, my Japanese mother cruelly interned during WWII. They raised me in the redlined Central Area. The struggle for equity and justice echo in my family, informing my legal career representing workers and small businesses, and public service fighting for a Seattle where all can thrive.


The homelessness crisis is our first priority. Inaction and finger-pointing is not only frustrating—it’s inhumane. My plan includes: minimum $140 million in federal relief funds for immediate housing and individualized services; city resources to accelerate rehousing and support; cleaning up parks, school properties, and sidewalks. Plans and progress will be accessible to everyone, inspiring trust and engagement.


We’ll unite around an economic recovery for all, assisting downtown and neighborhood small businesses, and establishing a “Seattle Jobs Center” connecting people to careers. We’ll expand childcare through the Family and Education levy, and build housing and transit so working people and young families can call our city home. I worked to pass Seattle’s $15 minimum wage—a commitment to fairness and equity rooted in my family’s experience. 


I’ll improve public safety and build trust in our police, with a personal commitment to culture change. I sponsored Seattle’s first anti-bias police law and championed body cameras. Let’s reimagine policing—not threaten defunding—and keep all communities safe.    


Early endorsements: former Governor Gary Locke; former Mayors Norm Rice and Wes Uhlman; Congresswoman Marilyn Strickland; State Senators Reuven Carlyle, Jesse Salomon; State Representative Sharon Tomiko Santos; community leaders Chris Bennett Sr., Pastor Leslie Braxton, Frank Irigon, Doug Baldwin; ATU 587 (Metro drivers), construction trades; more!

Stan Lippmann

Stan Lippmann

1425 BROADWAY #541


(206) 468-4906

Education: Physics: BS NYU 1981, MA JHU 1984, Ph.D. 1989, Law: JD UW 1998
Occupation: Physicist

I still believe Seattle will be the City of the Future. All the pieces are here, but not integrated. how do we retain our uniqueness but by realizing Denny’s Dream on the beach at Alkai.  The elements have lay dormant since the hippie 60's: Space Needle, the Monorail, the Westin tower. The elements of Sky City. Like in the Jetsons, a 12 story Westin segment, 12 condos per floor, between 400 and 550 feet. The Space Needle cost $2.5 million silver dollars in 1960. That's about $50 million today. Adding 144 dwellings might double the cost, but mass producing 2000 of them hexagonally across the City would bring unit price back to $50 million, $100 billion to blanket the City with equitably minimal local environmental impact.  288,000 City owned affordable units. The State Constitution mandates support for education, costing $250,000 K-12 per child and corrupting our youth all my life. Instead, every school-aged child’s parents can choose to avoid dehumanizing their children by putting them into the corporate rat race, ultimately to never be able to afford to buy a house and start their own family. Instead each of our children will have a good start and life-long anchor of love to our beautiful city. Suspended at 100 ft level are the SkyStations, where you can travel to any other SkyStation. Dual cables are strung between the towers on 3 sides to suspend twin-beam for the Inductrack gimballed SkyShip. First SkyFerry service between first two towers for 1 minute service from Coleman Ferry Dock to California Ave. The SkyFerry holds one car or a bus and will get you to West Seattle in a couple of minutes.  Or buy or create your own Jetsonmobile and fly Seattle solo. Together we can soon become the most progressive City on Earth.

Jessyn Farrell

Jessyn Farrell

PO BOX 9100


(206) 413-8059

Education: Proud graduate of Shoreline public schools, the University of Washington, and Boston College Law School
Occupation: Senior Vice President, Civic Ventures; former State Representative, 46th District

A just, equitable and thriving Seattle is possible, but we must come together with common purpose to make it a reality. City Hall politicians have tried and failed to solve our housing and homelessness crisis. We need new leadership. I'm the only candidate with the proven ability to build the broad coalitions needed to tackle our toughest issues. I will hit the ground running, stop the infighting, bridge divides, and deliver results.

As executive director of the non-profit Transportation Choices Coalition, I helped transform mass transit in the Puget Sound. As a state legislator I improved people’s lives: leading passage of landmark paid family leave, creating more affordable housing, and securing billions for light-rail expansion and other public transportation investments -- all while dealing with a Republican-controlled Senate.

Governor Inslee chose me to lead the state's COVID economic recovery task force because I know how to solve problems. Under my leadership, we secured $50 million for small businesses left out of federal pandemic relief.

As a single mom with three kids in public schools, I’ll make sure every kid in every neighborhood has safe parks, streets, and sidewalks -- and is free from the threat of gun violence. I’ll add housing with supportive services, ensuring people can access the mental and health treatment they need and get help finding work. I’ll build 70,000 more affordable homes and get the city back on track delivering basic services.

I’m endorsed by progressive elected officials, small business owners, environmental, labor and community leaders: Public Lands Commissioner Hilary Franz, Andrea Caupain, Dominique Davis, City Councilor Dan Strauss, former and current state legislators David Hackney, Kristine Reeves, Cindy Ryu, Gerry Pollet and Brady Walkinshaw; Sheet Metal Workers Local 66. I grew up in Seattle and Lake Forest Park, attended public schools, UW, and law school.

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