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Alexander White

Alexander White

3410 14TH AVE W # 2


Education: Bachelor of Science in Biology and Minor in Biochemistry, University of Washington
Occupation: Small Business Owner

Do you believe Seattle is a better place now than it was ten years ago? As a native Seattle resident, I have worked in the Seattle fishing industry, in an Amazon fulfillment center, and have owned a small business for the last 12 years. I am also a renter. I have seen our incredible city go through dramatic growth and exciting change and the rising challenges that can no longer be ignored. From rising rents and high cost of living to the crises of those experiencing homelessness and increasing property crime; we are all affected.

Everyone is connected in our city. When a small business shuts their doors, we are all poorer because of it. When a person experiencing homelessness is suffering and experiencing mental illness, we share in their suffering. When a crime is committed, we all incur a cost. No one wins when the voters lose confidence in our elected officials that we put in place to protect our interests.

Seattle is one of the most beautiful places in the world with an abundance of natural beauty. We have developed a society of wealth and, I believe, an empathic, caring population. There is no reason why we cannot shape policy together where we can all thrive, but most importantly, be heard.

If elected to city council I will commit to long term solutions to lift our community, remove barriers to mental health and treatment for drug abuse by working with trained professionals. I will work hand in hand with the small business community, empower the courts to serve justice and enforce laws, support our first responders, and strive to give voice back to the voters. You will be heard. I will forgo political activism and divisive politics and focus on running our city for a safer, stronger Seattle.

Jordan Elizabeth Fisher

Jordan Elizabeth Fisher



(425) 533-5334

Education: Mortgage Lending and Finance, Real Estate, Business Marketing and Design
Occupation: Former Mortgage Lender

"If the American people ever allow private banks to control the issue of their currency, first by inflation, then by deflation, the banks and corporations that will grow up around them will deprive the people of all property until their children wake up homeless on the continent their fathers conquered." - Thomas Jefferson

Millennials are now at an age where they are reflecting on their lives and are asking themselves what kind of society they want to build for our future generations. We need representation!

My career in mortgage lending gave me a comprehensive understanding of how money circulates, federal and state finance laws, core practices of the real estate industry that inhibit affordable housing, a skillset for navigating through bureaucratic procedures, and simplifying complex ideas of discussion to the average person. In addition, my knowledge and dedicated work with the homeless community over the years signals the need for creative and innovative leadership to solve the current and looming crisis at hand.

Seattle is enriched with technological talent sourced from all over the world. We now have the capability to transition our financial system out of a traditional banking system and onto a decentralized blockchain (without the need for banks) in a very environmentally friendly capacity. Residents would be able to audit the city budget, vote for new city projects, stimulus aid, fund effective non-profits with grants similar to a Kickstarter or GoFundMe platform. Although this technology is not widely understood, it is the future.

I fully believe that my leadership among many of my other ideas surrounding blockchain, affordable housing, homeless crisis, transparency, police budgets, addiction crisis, healthcare, and public interface, will solve many of the systemic issues at large. Please visit my website for full plans of action on issues Seattle seeks to reform. 

Bobby Lindsey Miller

Bobby Lindsey Miller

1752 NW MARKET ST, #322


(206) 408-8916

Education: Studied Psychology, University of Louisville
Occupation: Bartender - Culture Kitchen/MoPOP, Self Employed

“Integrity without knowledge is weak and useless, and knowledge without integrity is dangerous and dreadful” – Samuel Jackson. 


It’s important we re-evaluate our position before going forward: eliminate underperforming/failing programs, research how and why they were unsuccessful.  A thorough review of our spending to reveal any misuse or illicit dealings; you’ll be the first to know.  Re-investing in the health and wellness of our residents would come next.  Finally, redirecting money to our failing infrastructure, relief for landlords, business owners, reclaiming our parks and open spaces, investing in projects/ideas for future generations to enjoy.  Transparency in all areas, accountability for every decision and integrity should be non-negotiable, because when we change our perspective on the issues everything else will change along with it.


Originally from Louisville, Kentucky, an only child raised by a single black mother independence was expected, never the option.   In October 2017, I moved to Seattle for the opportunity at a better life.   Shortly thereafter, I found myself alone - living out of my car while working two-jobs, and barely surviving in a strange new city.   Twenty-two long months later I secured stable housing, paid-off my debts but more importantly I became accountable through self-discipline and sheer determination.  My lived experience is the perspective I feel we need in this moment.


I’m a gay black man, having worked with the public for 20 years in various roles I communicate with authenticity, from a place of sincerity and understanding.  People are textured complex beings that command a more nuanced approach.  Possessing this keen insight and depth is the critical component Seattle lacks in its decision making.  I appreciate the opportunity to share my ideas and look forward to meeting you in the future.  Thank you for your time.

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Brian Fahey

PO BOX 81067

SEATTLE, WA 98108-9998

Occupation: Property Management Engineering Manager

My name is Brian Fahey, I have been a trade-worker my entire working life.  I started in the HVAC trade when I was 13 helping my neighbor start his business and assisting with install work throughout my summer vacations.  I did this until I moved to Seattle in 2003.  Since moving here, I continued my career in the HVAC trade to the point of managing multiple Class-A High-Rise operations in downtown.  Because of this I am very familiar with the benefits of preventive actions rather than reactive.

            I am running for Seattle City Council because I feel we need pragmatic leaders who use tried and true, fact-based approaches to sensitive and emotional issues to ensure the best possible outcomes.  I believe that campaign finance is one of the largest issues we face in a representative democracy.  I feel that all constituency-based races should have to use the democracy voucher program.  Our leaders need to be beholden to the people not corporate donors.  I also believe that we as a city should do more for ourselves when it comes to education funding.  In my opinion our education funding should be permanent and tied to a progressive B&O tax to reduce the burden on the surrounding areas and eliminate the need for levies.  Your children deserve better than the unstable system we give them. 

            In terms of some of the social issues hitting our city right now, again I believe the pragmatic and evidence-based approach is the best.  We need a police force that respects our city and its views, we also need a police force that our city respects.  Accountability is what is missing to allow good police to flourish.  We should do more to encourage Seattle residents to become police in the city they call home.

Jesse James

Jesse James

PO BOX 30154


Education: Ballard High School, Shoreline Community College
Occupation: Musician, Video Editor, Restaurant Worker

I feel a lot of citizens' voices aren’t being heard when it comes to how our city is governed. I want to be that voice. This is the reason I founded The Players Party: a grassroots movement of small business owners, local musicians, and everyday people to help bring new voices and fresh ideas to Seattle.

I am a strong advocate for the legalization of poker/card casinos since we are a city that values personal freedoms, and more tax revenue is always useful. I also believe in Freeing the Democracy Dollar, making it so citizens can donate usable Democracy Vouchers to anyone on the ballot. I believe the current program gives incumbents and established career politicians an unfair advantage.

On the topic of taxation, I believe before one considers raising or lowering taxes, you must first make sure tax money is being used efficiently and effectively. Quite frankly, I don’t see this happening in Seattle. The homelessness and housing crisis have only gotten worse, despite all the tax money we clumsily throw at these issues. As a council member, I would consider my first priority to look into how our tax money is being spent; Is this money being used effectively? What’s working? What isn’t? One clear loser is Seattle's unnecessary, ineffective, and excessive Sweetened Beverage Tax...

When it comes to the issue of the police, I take the reform side of the argument. It's clear that changes need to be made, but those changes are complex and cannot be boiled down to a simple slogan.

In closing, I'm a savvy, young populist who will fight on behalf of the people and small businesses, always! A vote for me is a vote for a new voice for the city, and the first step to bringing Seattle into the future.

Kenneth Wilson

Kenneth Wilson

P.O. BOX 31363


(206) 637-4994

Education: BSCE with distinction and Mathematics Minor, UNR; MS in Civil Engineering, UW; PM Certificate, UW
Occupation: General Manager/Owner, Integrity Structural Engineering, PLLC

We all feel the Council is leading in the wrong direction.  Incumbent politicians have yet to find solutions for increasing homelessness, failed roads and infrastructure, and closed businesses.  Most lack training in understanding day-to-day operations required for a thriving city.  I am asking for your vote to bring plain speaking, common-sense solutions to replace current mismanagement.

I am a 28-year resident of Seattle, my wife and two daughters were born here.  I am a licensed bridge structural engineer (PE SE) owning a Seattle small business since 2005.  Current work includes the Northgate truss bridge over I-5 and pedestrian bridges over SR520 near Microsoft.  As your council member, I will lean heavily on my analytical, engineering, and infrastructure background to bring rational decision making and progress control follow up to Council actions.

Frustrated, I watched as downtown became lawless and boarded, 911 response times increased from lack of staffing, a good police chief was forced to resign, and West Seattle shut off from the rest of the city due to poor maintenance and continual mistakes in administration of valuable infrastructure.  Our homeless challenges became extreme and unaided, while parks and schools were made inaccessible as living space sanctuaries for addiction and mental problems.  With each new development we lost critical canopy/old trees along with affordable rental housing, replaced five-to-one by unaffordable homes stressing existing sewers.

Seattle needs a council member trained in infrastructure to ensure the city is improved, supported, and made better for everyone.  West Seattle cannot continue to have access blocked.  Homelessness must be addressed immediately.  Most importantly, all people must be dealt with compassionately but consistently in justice commensurate with the problem.

I am proud to live in Seattle.  I have the background needed to help bring back the city we love.  I would appreciate your vote!

Paul Felipe Glumaz

Paul Felipe Glumaz

P.O. BOX 75273


(206) 251-0093

Education: Studied Cultural and Economic Anthropology at Columbia University in New York City
Occupation: Retired

I am seeking public office to stop the transformation of the City of Seattle into a broken-down, impoverished, crime ridden and drug infested slum.  The cause of this ongoing transformation is not the lack of resources.  Rather, the cause is a combination of wrong policies and gross mismanagement. This includes the defunding of law enforcement and enabling “non-profits” to promote a growing “homeless industrial complex.”


The combination of all of this has created an open-air concentration camp of dying drug/alcohol substance abusers, the mentally ill, and the poor.  No one wants to live in a city where homeless tents, drugs, trash, and crime own the streets.    


The first responsibility of city government is public safety.  The restoration of a fully funded public safety delivery system involving the coordination of the Seattle Police Department, the Fire Department, First Responders, and Human Service Providers is my first priority.    Conditions must be created where the homeless must go to emergency transitional shelters where individuals are screened, their problems defined, and then forwarded into either drug/alcohol substance abuse treatment, psychological care, or work counseling.  Along with this, city ordinances prohibiting the occupation of public areas by encampments must be enforced along with zero tolerance for anti-social behavior.


The future of the Seattle area rests on building an advanced 21st century science-technology manufacturing hub for the world.  This is where the new jobs will come from.  Unfortunately, the transformation of Seattle into a place where homelessness, crime, and drugs proliferate has greatly jeopardized this future. I was born in Mexico and have lived and loved Seattle for 41 years.  I want a better Seattle and I know you do too.  Let’s work together to bring that about.



Alex Tsimerman

Alex Tsimerman

PO BOX 4222


(206) 324-6264

Education: College, University, Master degree in Engineering & Management
Occupation: Business Consultant

Are we better now than 4 years ago? Stop fascism with idiotic face!

I, Alex Tsimerman, speak to you Seattle emerald degenerate super smart freaking idiot, who bring Seattle to number one fascist city in America with Nazi−socialist−Gestapo principle. That always choose dirty garbage rats that drink from fat cat toilet and who make your life miserable and brought us to total collapse. Enough is enough it cannot go forever.

No Taxes for first $100 spent on food, dress, everything. We pay $100 billion for taxes. Enough is enough. Give ordinary people a little bit of air for breathing.

We are stuck in Seattle between Amazon and illegal immigration and there is only one way to bring the City back to normal life— move 100,000 Amazonian from downtown and 100,000 not legal immigrants from city.

We need to guarantee affordable housing for everybody and stop speculation and start taxing 25% for every foreign house buyer. We need to fix our crazy traffic problems, which has totally destroyed our lives and our cars. To stop homeless, I will ask local billionaires to give 1% of their wealth so we can fix this problem once and forever. We need to open Bertha Room in City Hall one time per week for open public conversation and honest candidate forums. This can stop the people from being controlled by Nazi−Socialist−Democrats-Mafia. Elect me as City Council, I will work for free and all management will be only from Seattle and Salary will beno more than average income. We need to elect business people like Alex Tsimerman who can operate a City which has$6 billion, 12,000 employees and 700,000 citizens. StandUP America, StandUP Seattle so we can bring us back to normal life. No more demonazigestapo kliter bigger than a donkey’s tail.

Teresa Mosqueda

Teresa Mosqueda

PO BOX 20655


(206) 643-5634

Education: Masters in Public Administration, focus in health policy, from TESC, BA from University of Washington
Occupation: City Councilmember; former Labor leader, Children’s advocate, public health policy

Emerging from the pandemic, we have an opportunity to come together, roll-up our sleeves, and build a stronger, more equitable Seattle. I’ve dedicated my career to building coalitions and getting results by bringing diverse perspectives to the table, and passing progressive policy to challenge the status quo.


In my first term, together we passed progresive policies to make Seattle more equitable. I led the broad coalition to pass JumpStart Progressive revenue creating over $214 million annually for housing, small businesses, equitable development, and Green New Deal investments. I passed wage & leave standards for ap-based drivers, workplace & healthcare protections for hotel workers, hazard pay for grocery workers, and the nationally acclaimed Domestic Workers Bill of Rights. I passed energy efficient standards for City buildings, and funding for more affordable housing in Seattle, to address carbon emissions and climate injustice. 


In the wake of COVID, I hope to have your support to return to help small businesses, workers, and our environment to improve the health & stability of Seattleites. I will fight for more affordable housing across our city, police accountability, upstream investments in homelessness prevention strategies, and for workers and small businesses simultaneously to create a more equitable Seattle. 


Endorsements: Rep. Jayapal, Attorney General Ferguson, Seattle’s Democratic legislators, KC Democrats, the 11th, 32nd, 36th, 46th Legislative District Democrats, MLK Labor, all SEIU locals, UFCW 21, Seattle Building Trades, Teamsters, Alliance for Gun Responsibility, Vote Mama, Latino Progress, Latino PAC, Emily’s List, WA Conservation Voters, Sierra Club, NW Women’s Political Caucus, more! 


It’s an honor to serve you in these challenging times. As a lifelong advocate for children and working people, the daughter of educators, wife, and new mom of a beautiful babé, I am committed to building a future Seattle where all can be housed, healthy & safe.


Kate Martin

Kate Martin

412 NW 73RD ST


(206) 579-3703

Education: Bachelor of Landscape Architecture, SUNY College of Environmental Science and Forestry, Syracuse, New York
Occupation: Planning + Design Consultant, Affordable Housing Provider

My name is Kate Martin and I know we agree that Seattle needs better government. As pressing problems go unsolved while bigger and bigger budgets are consumed, my heart breaks. This is my town for 42 years. I raised my family here, have my business here, and have worked shoulder to shoulder with fellow volunteers from one end of this city to the other for decades.


It’s clear that our most pressing problems are actually getting worse. Homelessness, support for the mentally ill and addicted, public safety, and affordable housing are all “crises”. We, the taxpayers, are doing our part – voting for higher taxes with the promise it will help - but those promises have been broken. Why does the council keep failing? Why do we the voters accept these failures? I see a few answers. 


First, democracy is under attack in our city. Special interest power is too great, and elections have become squabbles between the city’s most powerful groups. We must fully realize the district-level democracy we voted for in 2013. District-level plans and electing district councilmembers to shepherd those plans will make all the difference. Second, there’s too little intellectual and professional diversity on the council. Today, it’s an echo chamber that can’t even notice it’s failing. I'll bring debate, professional problem-solving skills, and a focus on proven solutions.


Seattle’s history is great and it wasn’t that long ago that we were safer, heathier, and better housed. While we can’t fix these problems overnight, it’s time we recompose the council to get Seattle on track.


Please visit Elect Kate Martin and The Seattle Journal to learn more. I ask for your vote and truly cannot wait to serve you as the next Position 8 Seattle City Councilmember. Thank you for your consideration.


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